Media Ignored Report

PUBLISHED: 4:45 PM 2 Oct 2018

Media Claimed Kavanaugh In Bar Fight During Yale Years, Ignored Police Report

Once again, the mainstream media ignored evidence in order to run a story based on nothing more than allegations to impugn Brett Kavanaugh.

The media claimed that Brett Kavanaugh had been in a bar fight during his time at Yale, but a police report told a very different story.

The latest ‘shocking’ news to come forward about Kavanaugh’s character came from a New York Times article based on claims from a former Yale classmate of the judge’s, who said Kavanaugh was questioned for ‘throwing ice,’ or a beer, on a person during a bar fight in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1985.

However, these ‘shocking’ allegations were greatly undermined by the police report of the incident. The media claimed it was a ‘bloody bar brawl,’ but law enforcement facts told a very different story.

According to his former classmate, Charles Ludington, now a North Carolina State University professor, claimed that Kavanaugh was often was drunk and belligerent.

To further push that claim, he alleged that the nominee to the United States Supreme Court instigated a fight that led to an arrest.

Both the Times and the Washington Post ran with the story, although at the time that they originally printed it neither could find any arrest record concerning Kavanaugh or an unnamed ‘other’ student that Ludington claimed had been arrested.

When the NYT followed up on the claims, however, they did find a police report from New Haven, concerning the incident.

A student named Chris Dudley was questioned by the police, and allegedly threw the beer, and the glass which held it, at the 21-year-old victim of the bar brouhaha.

Kavanaugh refused to state whether or not he threw ice at anyone.

This is a far cry from the claims made by professor Ludington, who said that Kavanaugh cursed at the man, then “threw his beer at the guy,” who then swung at the future federal judge.

Either way, the story essentially boils down to the fact that the nominee was nearby when a bar fight broke out in a college bar.

Truly, a shocking allegation. How dare Brett Kavanaugh be near someone who did something wrong that resulted in a fistfight?

There is no indication from the police report that charges were ever filed, or that Chris Dudley or anyone else at the bar was ever arrested.

That also didn’t seem to fit well with Ludington’s account that Dudley, who played in the National Basketball Association and was the 2010 republican gubernatorial nominee in Oregon, “took his beer and smashed it into the head” of the victim who was, by that point, supposedly being held by Mr. Kavanaugh.

The NCSU professor claimed that “there was blood,” glass, beer, and that the police showed up.

To most people, it seems unlikely that officers from the New Haven Police Department would look the other way on such a serious altercation.

Professor Ludington said that he reported his account to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their ongoing investigation into the judge, but they have apparently not expressed interest in the claim.

The White House refused to comment on the allegation that Donald Trump’s second nominee to the Supreme Court was near a bar fight when it occurred, and that he was not arrested or even charged with any sort of wrongdoing.

What, precisely, did the leftist mainstream media hope to gain from these allegations? Simply to further impugn the name of Brett Kavanaugh because he was drinking at a bar, while of the appropriate age to do so?

Or to suggest that because he was near a bar fight, he is somehow a violent person?

That seems unfair to the nominee, and frankly unfair to anyone, to expect that they should be held accountable for the conduct of others in their vicinity.

These same leftist outlets don’t seem equally interested in the company kept by their political allies, however. They mostly ignored that members of the Congressional Black Caucus have repeatedly been seen in the company of known anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

The mainstream media didn’t find it such a big deal that Barack Obama had interacted with known terrorist and Weather Underground member Bill Ayers.

It seems less like they’re interested in having a serious discussion about Brett Kavanaugh and his fitness to sit on the SCOTUS, and more like they’re interested in piling on as many accusations as possible, wherever they come from and however ridiculous.

Years ago, when Clarence Thomas was accused by Anita Hill, he spoke of the allegations, and the response, as a ‘high-tech lynching.’

It seems those words were absolutely correct, and that the leftists haven’t forgotten how to abuse the media to go after one person to impugn his character.