Professor Shoots Himself

PUBLISHED: 5:03 PM 16 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 7:25 PM 16 Sep 2018

Media Blackout: Nutty Professor’s $100 Shooting As Microcosm Democrat

This man’s arrogant, ignorant action demonstrates the prototype democrat.

The prototype democrat shoots himself in protest over President Trump, but his act is hidden by the media.

Recently, a professor, who shall remain nameless, because I will not glamorize his ignorant, destructive act, tried to enact social change by deciding to shoot himself as a ‘protest’ over President Trump.

This man’s actions demonstrate the prototype democrat.

He represents a pattern card example of the truly insane, arrogant viewpoint lived and breathed by the left. A side that continually fights for the wrong solution to every theoretical, social, and economic problem faced by American citizens. Apparently, that’s why only a few outlets have even covered this story.

Democrats think that breaking laws, acts of violence, and selfish extremism are somehow logical reactions to things they don’t’ like.

Liberals have mirrored Muslim extremists by stomping and burning the American flag many times. Moreover, the open borders debate, abortion, child rape, FGM, and other issues where liberals fight for the side of slavery—as they always have throughout history—are just a few examples of their desire to support the enemy.

But, in this case of a professor shooting himself, a few glaring examples of how liberals ‘think’ are evident.

  1. This man is not an academic—but seems to thinks he is.
  2. This man demonstrated the arrogant, self-absorbed, insane mindset of the modern liberal by arbitrarily ordaining what the janitor should make for cleaning up his mess.
  3. This ‘educator’ resorted to illegal action to make his point.
  4. He demonstrated zero self-control
  5. He attempted violence to protest free speech

As a College of Southern Nevada professor, he chose to inflict harm upon himself and bring a firearm to a supposed gun-free zone, just because of a situation he cannot control. He demonstrated arrogance and ignorance by his action, which was illegal.

Why would he conceivably think that shooting, or possibly killing himself, would impact any right-thinking person?

Because democrats, or liberals in general, do not think of others, only themselves, giving credence to the theory that they really are mentally deranged.

From what we actually know, this man was found with a bullet in his arm, after illegally shooting himself in a campus bathroom. A $100 bill was taped to the mirror with the note, ‘for Janitor.’

What’s really indicative of liberal egotism here is that he choose to arbitrarily decide how much money the working class janitor should make… all without having the most basic understanding of the task.

He apparently considered a c-note appropriate compensation for cleaning up after a BIO HAZARD. Human blood and other crimes scenes require specific cleaning techniques… but apparently, he wasn’t intelligent enough to look that up.

His actions prove that not only is he stupidly deranged, he seemed to consider himself as an all-knowing being who has the power to distribute largess as he deems fit.

Like many democrats, he arrogantly thought that he could decide how much money a person should make. In fact, one of the left’s main purposes seems to be collecting everyone’s money and doling it out in a manner that’s ‘good for you,’ because inherently, they think you are too stupid to manage your own affairs.

Most think they should be able to determine the amount of tax money you pay, so that all people can have ‘universal healthcare.’ They think that they should be able to dictate what’s a reasonable amount of pay for any sort of job, like this professor did, and that us commoners should be forced to buy what we don’t want (Obamacare), for our own good and the good of the ‘society’ they envision.

Forget that their viewpoint is flawed… they will never admit that.

And, like this mentally challenged ‘professor,’ they think their personal feelings and actions matter to everyone else.

I’ve blasted the participation trophy mindset that has taken over much of the younger generations, but this man was in his 60s. He should have known that personal opinions don’t matter. There are winners and losers. Living in a world without them is not only miserable, it’s horrifying. Why would anyone want to achieve anything—like medical cures, space exploration, or any other really cool or worthwhile pursuit—if there’s no incentive for greatness?

And that brings me to the next point: the failing of selfish delusion often characterizes liberals.

This professor—and I’m guessing here—is obviously not an academic, despite what he might think. If it was his intention to kill himself… which we aren’t sure what his intention was because the media and college have basically blacked out all details… he either conducted no research or logical ‘academic’ activity before trying to carry out his task, or he did, but failed.

If he was trying a ‘suicide protest,’ he apparently assumed that ‘any’ idiot could effectively operate a firearm. However, in this case… this idiot couldn’t.

He also thought he could illegally commit an act of violence just because his feelings were ‘offended’ by the vote. Like Antifa and other left-wing fascists, who think that violence against people with a different opinion from them is justified, he chose to shoot himself (thankfully, not anyone else), to make a political point.

But, this is a man who is supposed to be educating others?

We’ve gotten to a place in society where ‘sticks and stones’ are now the same as words. If a liberal hears something he disagrees with, he considers violence justified.

If our republic will succeed, it can only thrive when weirdo, mentally ill people like this professor are removed from positions of power.

Conservatives, for the most part, will listen and debate ideas, because we are searching for truth or real solutions to problems. However, most liberals resort to anger, name calling, and ‘two legs better’ type chants when faced with logical questions.

In fact, liberal democrats shouldn’t even be allowed at the adult discussion of the free exchange of ideas. Like children, they reject (or can’t comprehend) scientific fact, logic, and history in any argument and rely solely one emotion, threats, and tantrums to force their opinion on others.

It may not be all their fault. Many of them aren’t smart enough to recognize the careful programming that went into their ‘education’ from the moment they were placed in day care. They are basically illiterate, refusing to read anything of intelligence, but think that looking at memes and snippets from CNN constitute ‘enlightenment.’

Liberals are not intellectually or altruistically superior. Creating the ‘utopia’ they envision always leads to death… just ask the people suffering in Venezuela.

They are like this poor, idiot professor… living in delusion, thinking themselves more rational ad intelligent than Trump supporters, while conducting violence self-destruction.

How any thinking person could align themselves with this party is hard to fathom.