PUBLISHED: 4:19 PM 18 Jan 2017

Media Asks MLK’s Son To Diss Trump..Instead Gets Served With Raw Truth


King stands with Trump!

The Democratic and left-minded thinkers of the 21st century have an odd obsession with the sinister notion of wanting to see the world and most of the people burn to ashes so that what remains can start anew.

While this may sound like a notion that is sound to the novice, those who use the thinking part of their brains know that this means the death of billions of people when applied on a large scale, and this is the kind of thing that the left promotes often.

This is seen in things like the Georgia Guidestones which not only is a monument erected that calls for the death of billions upon billions of people without a second thought, but does so as if it were for some great “good.” We already know that the left and people like Bill Gates love to rant about how there are too many people in the world, but how many know that it is a lie?

It has been proven that, if everyone alive today was afforded the same space that the average person living in NYC has, we could fit every man, woman, and child with ease into the state of Texas.  The world has a greed and location problem, not a population problem.


Trump will do far more to carry on the ideals of MLK than any other candidate that ran counter to him.

Still, in the name of the godless, the left trudges on trying to find new ways to divide us up. When Trump wants to tighten the border to keep us safer AND allow for a “big beautiful door,” the Democrats chant racist.

King was surrounded by reporters and asked in a myriad of different ways to attack Trump for being somehow racist. He was asked about Trump’s Lewis tweet to which King refused the bait and said that things get said in the heat of the moment, but that King personally felt that Lewis was bold.

When King was again approached like the devil to tempt a second time about how Trump was going to have “blacks up against the wall,” King replied that Trump has sworn to be the president of all American’s, so we must wait and see.


Today, some blacks like Beyonce’ claim racism when, as shown here, for her to say what says shows that she is blind to the many white faces in her crowds.

Even Jim Accosta, still licking his wounds, tried to swindle King into commenting about Lewis; but for a third time, King refused. He said when asked about what his fathers “concerns” would be, King said the fact that fifty to sixty million people live in poverty would be a concern and that Americans we can overcome anything.

The question is, what would King’s father have to BE concerned about? Trump has never said anything racist, so was King’s father to have been concerned that the media lies about Trump? I doubt that his father would have believed the lie, either.

The question is asked as if there would be some glowing reason for concern over Trump, as if it is known fact that Trump is racist, and that assumption has no basis in reality.

The truth is that Trump represents the ideals of Martin Luther King not just in his desire to see all races succeed, but also in ways that the Democrats and left detest, like the open worship of Jesus Christ. The left is ever quick to forget that King, like Trump, know that kindness among races depends largely upon the understanding of the fact that we are created beings, not pawns to be moved about by other created beings who call themselves “government” or “authority.”

A Black man gestures with his thumb down to an armed National Guardman, during a protest in the Newark race riots, Newark, New Jersey, July 14, 1967. (Photo by Neal Boenzi/New York Times Co./Getty Images)

Injustices of the past have been largely fixed today, yet we are more as divided as ever before.

It is good to see that King refused to be taken in by the words of other radical liars and traitors such as Louis Farrakhan has. Men of sound mind in a democratic republic are supposed to stand behind the leader until the leader at least has a chance. Most of America wanted Obama to do well, he simply did not.

It took more media spin than history has ever shown before to prop up this failed leader, and this fact has nothing to do with his race.

Likewise, people like King know that if Trump fails, the whole nation fails. King’s father did not like every world leader extant at the time, but he preached the same message of unity and progress to every single one of them. He did not encourage blacks to truncate words used as racial slurs to become a greeting, he did not want a pair of shoes to define a man’s worth, and he certainly did not ever support anything as racist as Black Lives Matter.

Donald Trump has far, far more in common with Martin Luther King Jr. than does some dolt social justice warrior tweeting from a warm home about how oppressed he or she feels on a five hundred dollar laptop or on a new cell phone that cost as much as a months rent.


King would have been appalled by the black community today.

That is what many of us WISH that King had said, but at the end of the day he is too much of a class act for that, too. He is simply going to let the principles that his father taught guide him. That means letting a man lead before he comments or attacks the job that the man is doing.

It means treating others the way that reflects how he would want to be treated. This kind of thinking is alien to Democrats and most of the press because they have spent their whole lives removing such notions from public schools.

That is something that the press will NEVER ask King about.