DOJ Conspiracy Evidence

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 19 Mar 2019
UPDATED: 4:00 PM 19 Mar 2019

Meadows: Documents ‘Show’ Sitting Ambassadors Conspired With DOJ In Trump Set Up

Rep. Mark Meadows is ready to blow the entire Russian collusion narrative out of the water and said yesterday that documents about to be released will show sitting ambassadors conspired with the deep state to take down President Trump.

Mark Meadows released a bombshell last night, saying that documents about to be released show that sitting ambassadors were involved in the 'hoax' to take down President Trump.

Yesterday, Rep. Mark Meadows implied that certain documents about to be released will prove ‘collusion’ and a ‘coordinated effort’ to take down President Trump on the part of sitting ambassadors.

Along with the Obama-controlled Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice, these ambassadors helped arrange the plot to take down an elected president.

“It’s additional information that is coming out that will show not only was there no collusion, but there was a coordinated effort to take this president down,” Meadows told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“We talk about the ‘Deep State.’ There are players now, even ambassadors, [who] are sitting ambassadors that were involved in part of this with the FBIDOJ,” the congressman stated.

Meadows did not name any ambassadors, but promised that the American people would soon be in possession of the facts.

“As we look at this, it’s time to show that we show the American people what’s out there, declassify some of those documents,” added Meadows, a member of the House Oversight Committee.

“I think when the American people see what I’ve seen, they will judge for themselves and know that this has all been a hoax,” he continued.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Earlier this month, House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins, R-Ga., began to release transcripts of private testimony provided to a task force of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees as part of their investigation into potential bias in the Justice Department and FBI.

He first released DOJ official Bruce Ohr’s testimony from August 2018, and later released transcripts from former FBI officials Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

Ohr acted as an unofficial backchannel between the FBI and the author of the so-called Trump dossier, while Strzok and Page attracted scrutiny after it was revealed in 2017 they were involved in an extramarital affair and exchanged text messages critical of President Trump.

Strzok and Page also worked for special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, which is examining Russian interference and whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin.

Strzok was removed from the investigation after the texts were found and was later fired by the FBI. Page also left the Mueller team following the controversy and departed the FBI.

Strzok infamously texted to his mistress “there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk.”

“As I have said before, I believe the American people deserve transparency, and deserve to know what transpired in the highest echelons of the FBI during that tumultuous time for the bureau,” Collins said last week after the release.

The level of dirty doings carried out under Obama is mind-boggling. Americans are beginning to understand that the real Russian collusion to interfere in the election was on the part of the democrats, and Hillary’s real crimes were covered up.

The fact that it has taken so long just to get this information shows how deep the real corruption in Washington goes, many people argue.