Salad Outbreak

PUBLISHED: 9:00 PM 13 Jul 2018

McDonald’s Salads Thought To Cause Stomach Illness

The outbreak sent stocks down 1.4 percent for the fast food giant.

McYuck! No one would be very happy to get an infected salad.

No sooner did the Del Monte recall happen (and many eaters were sickened), McDonald’s has a health scare of their own. AOL News has discovered that cyclospora infections are being investigated and that the sickness is thought to be tied to the famous fast food restaurant’s salads.

The unsettling news sent shares of “Mickey D’s” down 1.4 percent on Thursday. News that the Illinois Department of Public Health has reported about 90 cases and that the Iowa Department of Public Health saw another 50 took its toll on the companies bottom line.

Those sickened had eaten a McDonald’s salad within the few days of becoming ill in a fourth of the cases. This does, however, beg the question: what about the other three quarters?

McDonald’s was quick to contact the medical authorities and they’ve said that they have “voluntarily stopped selling salads at the approximately 3,000 affected U.S. restaurants until it could switch to another lettuce blend supplier.

We are closely monitoring this situation and cooperating with state and federal public health authorities as they further investigate,” the company stated.

So what happens when one is sickened? The “parasite, cyclospora cayetanensis, infects the small intestine,” and the unlucky diner can expect “watery diarrhea and frequent, sometimes explosive bowel movements,” according to Illinois health services. This sounds like the Del Monte nightmare all over again!

The cause is even more disturbing because the illness is brought on by “ingesting food or water contaminated with feces,” not by person to person contact.

In the last couple of years, “imported fresh produce including raspberries, basil, snow peas, and lettuce” has led to outbreaks, often in the summer months. It does make a person wonder if the food is being washed properly. Or, if migrant employees are washing their hands?

For that matter, why must such food be imported? Can America not grow food any longer?

These are some simple questions that need to be asked sooner rather than later. This is the second time that healthier food choices have been contaminated with something that causes great discomfort and ill health for those who consume them.

This just can not be allowed to keep happening.