Dueling Vote Scheduled

PUBLISHED: 4:21 PM 23 Jan 2019

McConnell, Schumer Ready Thursday Vote On Opposing Funding Bills

Each bill would need 60 votes to pass and head to the president’s desk for signing, but Trump has stated that border security must be addressed in any measure he signs.

The Senate plans to vote tomorrow on bills that would re-open the government.

The Senate is ready to vote Thursday on two separate bills that could end the government shutdown. Both Mitch McConnell, the Majority leader, and Chuck Schumer, the minority leader, agreed to place President Trump’s compromise bill and a democrat House approved bill up for a vote.

The House bill completely ignores border security and only extends funding for furloughed agencies until February 8. Such a timeline is hardly a solution, and many people wonder why this sort of idiotic proposal, which would just prolong contention, would even be offered.

Both of these bills could potentially reopen the government immediately, but to pass and head to the president’s desk, they would need to receive 60 votes in favor, which would require both GOP and democrat support.

Most people don’t see that happening anytime soon.

President Trump’s proposal includes the $5.7 billion wall funds he’s requested (and most Americans demand), but also includes extending DACA provisions for another three years, a compromise that many of his supporters think disgusting.

Border security is the central issue causing the shutdown. Some democrats have shown themselves unwilling to compromise or even work toward a solution, while others have expressed support for a border barrier. However, the House presented a bill that follows Nancy Pelosi’s warped ‘morality.’

“A group of Republican and Democratic senators teamed up to put together a letter to send to Trump, asking him to reopen the government Wednesday.

McConnell canceled the Senate’s scheduled recess this week to figure out an end to the partial government shutdown.”

The president, of course, has veto power to reject one or both of the bills, which would continue the partial shutdown, which enters its 33rd day on Wednesday.

“People are saying isn’t there a way out of this mess, isn’t there a way to relieve the burden on the 800,000 federal workers not getting paid, isn’t there a way to get government services open first and debate what we should do for border security later?” Schumer said.

“Well, now there’s a way.”

Of course, their way involves getting what they want, while ignoring the demands of over half the country’s citizens.

“McConnell tweeted that Trump’s counteroffer to Democrats was the only path to reopening the government.”

“The proposal outlined by @POTUS would reopen the government fully. It is the only proposal currently before us that can be signed by the President and immediately reopen the government,” he wrote.

House Democrats called the president’s compromise a ‘non-starter,’ and rejected it before he’d even presented it to the American people during a special Oval office address last week.

“Senate Republicans need to re-open the government, not continue their complicity in the Trump Shutdown with a vote for the President’s unacceptable border and immigration schemes that only increase the chaos and suffering at the border,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Tuesday night.

“The Senate GOP and President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, and re-open the government immediately,” she said.

Many people wonder at the state of her mental stability after saying that the president’s desire to protect the border of the United States is somehow increasing the ‘chaos and suffering’ there.