PUBLISHED: 4:38 PM 5 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 5:20 PM 5 Dec 2017

McCain Humiliated As Liberal Twitter Followers React To Self-Serving Request

McCain saw what America really thought of him on Twitter.

McCain saw what America really thought of him on Twitter.

It is not uncommon for those who host shows or social media pages to ask for more followers in order to reach a goal. However, when the person asking for such attention are famous for attacking President Donald Trump and impeding the progress of his agenda, things can go south in a hurry, as Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has discovered.

The Business Insider confirms that the RINO wanted to hit three million followers on Twitter. He tweeted, “We’re only 74 Twitter followers away from 3M – spread the word & help us reach this big milestone!” in an effort to make this happen, and promptly lost tons of followers.  Voters are disgusted with the man, so instead of getting 74 new followers, he got humiliated instead.

Some users were angry that McCain waffled on the tax code before signing it. Others were upset by the great number of deeds that the Senator has done in the past which show that he is a neocon of the highest order.

McCain is called the maverick because he is said to attract so many leftists who normally dislike the G.O.P. Even they have now betrayed him.

One user wrote, “Judging by the responses to this thread you’re gonna need more than 74. I just unfollowed you since you voted to throw 98% of Americans under the bus on Friday, but will be happy to follow again if you vote no on the final #GOPTaxScam.

At the end of the day, there is a reason that we are not talking about President McCain. He was rejected when he ran against Obama and he was rejected each time that he ran before it.

When Bob Dole got the nod against Clinton, the “McCainiacs” said that he could have taken the crown that year, but when he had the chance, he crashed.


Those who supported Mr. Trump rejected the Senator from Arizona again last year as he tried to sink the party with a second attempt at the White House.

However, Americans are sick of neocons, warmongering, high taxes, and a leader that sounds like a Democrat half of the time. That is not a maverick, that is a sheep.

We already have enough sheep.

Source: The Business Insider