La Raza Contract

PUBLISHED: 9:16 PM 22 May 2018

Mayor’s Last Minute Act Hands La Raza $2.4 Million

The mayor pushed for a radical organization to receive a large grant

As one of his last acts as Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, Greg Stanton handed La Raza $2.4 million for a job they're not equipped to do.

When Americans pay their taxes every April, they generally believe (or at the very least, hope) that their tax money will be wisely spent on projects for the ‘good’ of all. However, in America’s fifth-largest city, one mayor decided to use taxpayer money to help a political ally instead.

The mayor of Phoenix, Arizona is on his way out, and plans to run for a seat in the U.S. Senate. He’ll be leaving his position as Mayor on May 29. However, according to Judicial Watch, he’s made sure that he will leave a nice slush fund for a group allied with an organization that calls itself ‘the Race.’ Mayor Stanton decided to provide a last-minute infusion of taxpayer money for La Raza of $2.4 million, a group determined to build “Latino power” and that has no experience providing any service to the city.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is a leftist, and like many leftists in the United States, he has ties to La Raza and their various affiliates.

However, most mayors across the nation, even liberal ones, do not usually decide to hand money to racially-charged organization without any reason. But, that’s just what Stanton did when he promised $2.4 million to Promise Arizona, a La Raza organization, in exchange for their help with a light rail extension.

What help could an organization like PAZ provide the city of Phoenix in the construction of their new light rail section? Why, they’re going to conduct ‘business assistance,’ according to the mayor.

According to others in the city, the group has no qualification to provide ‘business assistance’ whatsoever. One unnamed official said that PAZ has zero experience in anything related to business.

Another said that the ‘Latinx’ advocacy organization is no more qualified to perform ‘business assistance’ than “a fox is to provide chicken and egg care for a hen house.”

Many suggested that the $2.4 million deal between Stanton and his close political ally, PAZ Director Petra Falcon, is simply a payoff in hopes that PAZ will spend at least a portion of the money advocating for his congressional election.

Even the illegal immigrant advocacy organization’s own website suggests that it is not fit for the task it’s going to receive $2.4 million for.

Everything on the website is centered around ‘building’ community leaders and community organizers, not on helping businesses with marketing.

The money was meant for an organization that would provide assistance to businesses along the new line extension. Specifically, they were meant to provide assistance building and marketing the businesses along the rail line.

It’s also meant to fund extensive research in the area concerning how the city can better integrate the station into the business community around it.

PAZ has no background in anything similar to those requirements. Their website brags about their work in “fighting for (illegal) immigrant” rights and “promoting and harnessing the power” of Latinos. They even sued the federal government over the DACA amnesty program recently.

That sounds completely dissimilar from anything that the city contract was looking for.

Only two businesses submitted for the “Business Assistance” Grant from the city. PAZ’s sole competition was from a business called Callison RTKL.

Unlike the illegal immigrant rights organization, Callison had applicable expertise. Their business has expertise in architecture, promotions, brand building, change management, graphic design, environmental design, and more.

They even helped to revitalize a run-down and neglected part of Shanghai, China.

Somehow, when Greg Stanton went in front of the Phoenix City Council, his political allies managed to get the contract, even when they were competing with people with a proven track record for a job that PAZ has never performed (and is not equipped to perform).

This isn’t the first time that the city spent taxpayer money on ridiculous things, though. Last year, Judicial Watch discovered that the city used public funds to pay for a billboard, in downtown Phoenix.

That billboard portrayed President Trump as a Nazi, and was funded by a local ‘arts advocate’ who the city repeatedly gave grant money to, including providing money to the ‘advocate’ for an annual art celebration.

Stanton is likely hoping to bring this kind of corruption to the U.S. Senate if he can manage to unseat current Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican representing the state of Arizona currently.

It’s shocking to see what he thinks he can get away with, and hopefully, the citizens will sue the mayor for his malfeasance, especially if PAZ is a large campaign contributor to his Senate campaign.

However, at least the people of Phoenix no longer have to worry that he will have power over where their money goes, whether he wins the election or not.