Mayor Stops Wall

PUBLISHED: 5:28 PM 30 May 2019
UPDATED: 5:28 PM 30 May 2019

Mayor Shuts Down Border Wall Claiming ‘Compliance’ Issue

These issues didn't exist until now?

These problems only sprang up after the construction was almost done.

The Mayor of Sunland Park, New Mexico ordered that private border wall construction must be immediately halted. Apparently, the permits already provided aren’t good enough and claimed the application had contradictory information, but he refused to say what that was.

The El Paso Times reported:

Mayor Javier Perea said Tuesday that the property owner did not have the necessary permits to erect the fencing, which was funded by “We Build the Wall, a national group that created a GoFundMe account to pay for border barriers.

Kris Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state known for his hard-line immigration views, said he and the “We Build the Wall,” group had received approval from two city of Sunland Park inspectors.

But, Perea said regardless if two city employees gave approval for construction, the business is still in violation of city law because they had not submitted proper construction plans to the city.

Perea said the city attempted to contact American Eagle Brick Company, which owns the property, before construction began. But city inspectors were not first allowed on the property, he added.

The next day, the owner of the property later submitted an application to build a wall in the area but it lacked necessary information, Perea said.

“The staff has been reviewing those particular documents and have determined (the application) is incomplete and that the construction of the wall, at this point, is in violation of city ordinance,” Perea said.

Perea said no survey or site plan was submitted. He said the application contained contradictory information but he did not provide details.

Under the city ordinance, walls cannot be taller than 6 feet, Perea said.

The privately-funded wall, which was expected to be completed Wednesday, is more than 20 feet tall. It goes up a 300 foot incline over mountainous terrain and extends seven feet into the ground.

Perea said American Eagle Brick Company faces fines that are double the cost of permit fees. He said the company will be fined every day it ignores the city’s cease and desist letter. No dollar amount was provided.

The wall is by Monument One — an official marker at the spot where New Mexico, Texas and the Mexican state of Chihuahua converge at Border Highway West, near Executive Center Boulevard.

Perea said this a new issue for the city because the project is also on an international boundary. He said the city may need to consult other state and federal organizations, such as the International Boundary and Water Commission.

The Sunland Park mayor said he has been in contact with the New Mexico Attorney General’s office and is going to reach out to the New Mexico Environment Department.

Kris Kobach, of “We Build the Wall,” announced the private fence’s construction was nearly complete on Memorial Day. He is the general counsel for the “We Build the Wall” group and has been mentioned as a possible pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security.

The “We Build The Wall” GoFundMe project was started by U.S. Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage. It is being led by a group that includes Kobach and former White House strategist Steve Bannon. American Eagle is responsible for the fines, not the GoFundMe group.

The section of the wall being built in the El Paso area will cost between $6 million and $8 million, Kobach has said.

Border Network for Human Rights executive director Fernando Garcia called the construction of the fence a political stunt by “white supremacists and xenophobic groups.”

“They are part of the same militia groups that are posing as law enforcement agents, arresting migrants at gunpoint and promoting fear in Southern New Mexico,” he lied in a statement. “These extremist groups do not belong to our border community, they do not know our border and we will not allow them to come and define it for us.”

Wrong. And, many Americans are sick and tired of being called racists by people who support an invasion of our country.