PUBLISHED: 12:19 AM 11 Jan 2018

Mayor Causes Muslim Uproar As Case Goes To Court, Liberals Claim “Attack” On Children

Beaucaire Mayor Julien Sanchez has opted to remove the halal choice for Muslim students as it gives special accomodations based on religion, a concept the French state cannot abide by.

Beaucaire Mayor Julien Sanchez has opted to remove the halal choice for Muslim students as it gives special accommodations based on religion, a concept the French state cannot abide by.

It appears that not all of Western Europe is going to be lost to the political correctness plague that is haunting their society. Many have criticized the appeasement of the Western European governments in that they were doing too much to accommodate Muslim’s right whereas others are forgotten. Now a French Mayor of a small town is under fire for his decision to end the halal option for school lunches as it favors Muslims over secularism, his critics are radically saying he is abusing the Muslim children.

The idea used to be a simple one in that the church and state should be separated. This means that schools ran with money from the taxpayers were not allowed to promote or benefit any religions over others. The idea was spawned in France as Protestants and Catholics were at each other’s throats for some time and led to many wasted lives.

It was an idea that at its core remains noble to this day. No student should feel persecuted for their beliefs while they are actively trying to discover truths for their lives ahead. However, secularism is nowhere to be found in Muslim culture as Islam not only commands the church but also the state, meaning that education falls under the rules of Islam. How Muslim students learn about Western history in culture and not question their own religion is baffling.

Beaucaire is a beautiful city in the south of France. It has seen empires and wars, yet now it faces a lawsuit since their democratically elected mayor is choosing to uphold traditional French law over the appeasement of Muslims.

The larger issue here is one that used to be able to be decided without being called a bigot or Islamophobe. The issue is whether or not taxpayers have to pay for special accommodations for one religion over others, if Muslims get special meals then everyone has to. Rather than increase the budget by asking every religion what they want to eat, the Mayor, Julien Sanchez, would rather just cut the program entirely and leave it secular.

It really should go without saying that there should be alternatives to the traditional school lunches for those who choose to opt out of it. Vegetarian meals, as well as gluten-free meals, seem like good ideas so long as the majority of students do not suffer due to increased costs. The most important thing when it comes to schooling is the children and the truths they extract from their reality.

If one religious group gets special accommodations and the rest need to just make do and stay silent, then the students who are not Muslim are going to feel like second-rate citizens.

If students see that Muslims are treated better in that they might receive better or more expensive meals than their infidel counterparts, then they will ultimately feel as though they were lesser in the long run. An ideal outcome for globalists but not the people of France.

Many are attacking and labeling Sanchez as a bigot and anti-Muslim because he values the French tradition of secularism. Opposition leaders in his town of Beaucaire, France were quick to label the French Mayor as anti-Muslim and even targeted the African community to become outraged at his actions. Government authorities were even worse as they failed to see their own hypocrisy in their statements.

Equality Minister Marlene Schiappa stated that Sanchez’s “Republican” attempt at racism is just anti-Muslim rhetoric hidden behind the guise of secularism. First off, there is no guise of secularism when the entire concept is designed at stopping the state from promoting one religion over another. The fact that she feels that secularism is applied only to Muslims shows that she herself is content with putting Muslims on a higher platform away from secularism.

Now, it is not entirely clear what an “equality minister” even does or what their supposed function would be but one would think that it would have something to with making sure things were equal. If one thinks that secular laws only apply to Muslims then they are treating the Muslim with a special stance in that they feel like the secular laws are unfairly applied. If officials like Schiappa feel as though secular laws unfairly apply to Muslims then she must also find that they unfairly apply to the rest of the religions, otherwise Muslims once again get preferential treatment.

Crosses and Christmas Trees get largely removed from public areas because of France’s secularism laws, but Muslims are free to pray in the streets, block traffic, and wish death upon their enemies with no repercussions means they get preferential treatment over other religions.

The French Mayor in this story is right to do what he did, not only for economic reasons as surely the cost of providing specially prepared meals did not help the budget because it was right for French society. It is becoming clear that Muslims plan to keep living within their own societies as they make themselves comfortable in their new homes but it is still important to the French youth to see real French culture win the day.

If more had the will to force Muslims to play by the same rules as everyone else did like Sanchez, then Europe might actually be able to fix their course before it is too late.