Waters Heaven Sent?

PUBLISHED: 9:22 PM 25 Jul 2018

Maxine Waters Claims Sent By Divine To Get Trump

Maxine Waters ranted and raved to a church in Los Angeles, claiming that she was going to go after Donald Trump and that God sent her to do it.

Maxine Waters went in front of a congregation of 'Christians' in Los Angeles to declare that she had been sent by some higher power to destroy Trump. Obviously, it doesn't seem like she's doing too well thus far.

There are many things that could be said of the Democrat Party as it currently exists. However, the idea that the party is a religious one, or one that even takes kindly to the idea of Christianity, is a hard to square with their recent record.

Perhaps that is why it is so strange that Maxine Waters, a congresswoman from California and not one known for being particularly religious, has claimed that she’s on a veritable ‘mission from God.’ However, Congresswoman Waters claims that her mission is to harass and undermine the rightfully and lawfully elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.

In a statement she made during a ‘Sunday appearance’ at the First AME Church in Los Angeles, Waters told the people that she was “in this fight.”

She said that “we” never dreamed that someone like Donald Trump would win the presidency, and that he was taking America “down,” rather than making it great again.

Then Waters launched into a number of absurd ideological claims, saying that she wasn’t intimidated by people (including those in her own party) who told her to “shut up,” or those who tried to intimidate her or make her know fear.

She also told her audience that they need not fear those who are “threatening” them, or who say that “they’re gonna shoot.” Perhaps she’s referring to the threats she received after repeatedly telling people to assail President Trump’s administration and the people who work in it, because there’s not some group of people saying that to her ‘congregation.’

Then, in an interesting twist, she talked about the ‘housing crisis’ in the United States, likely without mentioning that much of the blame for ridiculous housing prices in the state of California resulted from local members of her own party, who combined rent control policies with restrictive building codes and created a market almost impossible to enter for new housing developers.

Waters also bragged to the gathered ‘religious’ people that she pushed back against those who told her to stop assailing the president with threats and harassment of his employees.

Waters also told the congregants that when she went back to Washington D.C. in the morning, she was going to tell them that the Pastor at the First AME Church told her to “come here and just do it.”

It seems that her old age may be catching up with Maxine Waters, or else she simply doesn’t want to admit reality to herself.

Firstly, there’s nothing noble about encouraging people to harass government officials in person. All that does is create tense situations, and breed opportunities from violence.

It also doesn’t help to defuse those opportunities for violence when people like Mrs. Waters have been telling people that President Trump is some sort of caricature of evil, rather than being honest about the reality that he is a politician with differing views on a number of important political topics.

There is nothing ‘noble’ or ‘righteous’ about trying to terrify churchgoers with accounts of threats of violence, as if the Ku Klux Klan was operating openly again, instead of a dwindling organization that leading organizations say boasts less than 5,000 members across a country of more than 330,000,000 people.

Maxine Waters doesn’t represent some sort of holy leadership or a representative of Christian beliefs in Congress. Quite the contrary, much of what she does is spread dishonesty, create discord without just cause, and condemn others.

She continuously calls Donald Trump a racist, without any proof to back up her claims.

She repeatedly calls for the impeachment of the President, even though she has no reason other than the fact that she doesn’t like him or his politics.

Rather than being ‘sent by God,’ it seems like she simply does whatever she wants, and represents some of the worst traits of humanity.

It was her supporters, not supporters of Donald Trump, who burned the American flag and celebrated the act.

It was she, not Donald Trump, who befriended racists like Louis Farrakhan, then tried to hide that association while still spouting talking points from a man so hateful that even the Southern Poverty Law Center listed him as a hatemonger.

There’s nothing ‘holy’ or ‘divine’ about her leadership, her actions, or her choices. She’s simply justifying her wickedness with the help of a politically biased ‘holy man’ in Los Angeles, pandering to a crowd that doesn’t seem to know any better.

She hasn’t succeeded in ‘getting’ President Donald J. Trump, and it isn’t likely that she will, either.