Mattis Leaves

PUBLISHED: 5:33 PM 21 Dec 2018

Mattis Retirement Announced, But Gloomy Predictions May Not Be Accurate

The president announced James Mattis’ retirement late yesterday evening, but the change is not unexpected, or even worrisome, to people who understand the Trump presidency.

James Mattis has retired as Secretary of Defense.

James Mattis has served this country with honor, distinction, and effectiveness. Yesterday evening, President Trump announced that Secretary of Defense Mattis will be retiring at the end of February, and the move sparked a ‘woe is me!’ type response by democrats.

Comments like how “dangerous” and “scary” it is to have Mattis out of the White House filled news stories, and speculation over the disagreement to withdrawal troops from Afghanistan were rampant.

Even some republicans are looking grave over the departure, but others argue that the change is a natural progression of President Trump’s amazingly effective foreign policy plan, which has led to incredible strides in North Korea and other volatile regions around the globe.

In fact, Mattis, although a very great man, would not be the best person to continue the incredible strides made.

A Conservative Treehouse reporter has explained it this way:

The nature of the Trump foreign policy doctrine, as it has become visible, is to hold manipulative influence accountable for regional impact(s), and simultaneously work to stop any corrupted influence from oppressing free expression of national values held by the subservient, dis-empowered, people within the nation being influenced.

There have been clear examples of this doctrine at work. When President Trump first visited the Middle-East he confronted the international audience with a message about dealing with extremist influence agents. President Trump simply said: “drive them out.”

Toward that end, as Qatar was identified as a financier of extremist ideology, President Trump placed the goal of confrontation upon the Gulf Cooperation Council, not the U.S.

The U.S. role was clearly outlined as supporting the confrontation. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates needed to confront the toxic regional influence; the U.S. would support their objective.

That’s what happened.

…To confront the extremism creating the turmoil in Afghanistan, President Trump placed the burden of bringing the Taliban to the table of governance upon primary influence agent Pakistan. Here again, with U.S. support. Pakistan is the leading influence agent over the Taliban in Afghanistan; the Trump administration correctly established the responsibility and gives clear expectations for U.S. support.

If Pakistan doesn’t change their influence objective toward a more constructive alignment with a nationally representative Afghanistan government, it is Pakistan who will be held accountable. Again, the correct and effective appropriation of responsibility upon the influence agent who can initiate the solution, Pakistan.

The European Union is a collective co-dependent enabler to the corrupt influences of Iran.  Therefore the assignment of responsibility to change the status is placed upon the EU.

By its very nature the EU collective requires a central planning authority who can act independent of the underlying national voices.

As the Trump Doctrine clashes with the European global elite, the withdrawal of the U.S. financial underwriting creates a natural problem. Subsidies are needed to retain multiculturalism.

If a national citizenry has to pay for the indulgent decisions of the influence class, a crisis becomes only a matter of time.

Wealth distribution requires a host. Since the end of World War II the U.S. has been a bottomless treasury for EU subsidy. The payments have been direct and indirect. The indirect have been via U.S. military bases providing security, and also by U.S. trade policy permitting one-way tariff systems. Both forms of indirect payment are now being reversed as part of the modern Trump Doctrine.

Similarly, in Mexico the Trump Doctrine also extends toward changed trade policies; this time via NAFTA. The restructuring of NAFTA into the USMCA disfavors multinational corporations who have exploited structural loopholes that were designed into the original agreement.

With President Trump confronting the NAFTA fatal flaw, and absent of the ability of corporations to influence the direction of the administration, the trade deal ultimately presents the same outcome for Mexico as it does the EU – LESS DOLLARS.

The U.S. will fully support the EU effort, but as seen in the withdrawal from the Iran Deal, the U.S. will not enable growth of toxic behavior.

Perhaps the most obvious application of the Trump Doctrine is found in how the U.S. administration approached the challenging behavior of North Korea. Rather than continuing a decades-long policy of ignoring the influence of China, President Trump directly assigned primary responsibility for a reset to Beijing.

China held, and holds, all influence upon North Korea and has long-treated the DPRK as a proxy province to do the bidding of Beijing’s communist old guard.

By directly confronting the influence agent, and admitting openly for the world to see (albeit with jaw-dropping tactical sanction diplomacy) President Trump positioned the U.S. to support a peace objective on the entire Korean peninsula and simultaneously forced China to openly display their closely-guarded influence.

President Trump is a true outsider. He is not beholden to a set of leaders, financial manipulators, or other globalist elites, and his decisions reflect that fact.

What he is doing on the global scale always points back to his original promise, making American great again, though a combination of shrewd economic and foreign policies. Many Americans feel thankful to have him in office, daily battling the barbs, attacks, and evil lies spewed upon him.

Mattis’ retirement is a loss, but it’s not the doomsday indicator that democrats are implying.

In fact, many of these same democrats completely ignored it when Obama fired Mattis, but didn’t even have the decency to call and let him know.

James Mattis is a patriot and a great military leader whose service to the country has been outstanding.