Border Troops Mobilized

PUBLISHED: 6:55 PM 25 Oct 2018

Mattis Expected To Mobilize Hundreds Of U.S. Troops To Border

According to various reports, Mattis is expected to sign an order sending up to 800 troops to the U.S. and Mexico border, along with logistical support.

Up to 800 troops are on the way to meet the migrant invasion force at the U.S. border, according to sources.

According to unidentified officials, Defense Secretary Mattis is expected to sign a mobilization order today, sending hundreds of troops to the border.

The move is part of President Trump’s definitive stance regarding American sovereignty in the face of a migrant invasion force headed this way.

The order would include tents and fencing, but the Pentagon has not responded to questions about the alleged action.

The Pentagon previously said that no official request from the White House had been given.

Since the invading army was first reported, the President vowed to either close the border completely, or send troops to secure it. Many people are furious that an incursion force like this is allowed to simply march right in the country.

In addition to finding criminals in the caravan of mostly military age men, some congressional representatives are calling for an investigation into the organizers.

The caravan is currently traveling through Mexico, but President Trump and his administration have stated that the group will not be allowed to cross into the United States.

This morning, President Trump tweeted that he is “bringing out the military for this National Emergency.”

“They will be stopped!” he added.

In April, the president sent 4,000 National Guardsmen to the border, and currently, approximately 2,100 Guardsmen are delivering technical assistance there. These will be ready for the influx Mattis is sending.

Now more than ever, many people argue that a massive, concrete wall must be erected, saying migrant invasion forces like the one headed to the country now cannot be allowed to succeed.

After watching the group burn an American flag, the outrage over the defiance is almost palpable. Many Americans are sick and tired of seeing the law spit upon by an unwashed multitude demanding U.S. resources and funds.

The troop move will be a first step is stopping the hoards from invasion.