Iranian Inferno

PUBLISHED: 4:22 PM 10 May 2021

Massive Inferno in Iran, Next to Nuclear Plant… Video

The fire ‘broke out’ near a nuclear power plant.

Hmmm. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

A fire ‘broke out’ near a nuclear ‘power plant’ in Iran.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

A massive fire broke out in Iran’s southwestern city of Bushehr near the Islamic Republic‘s only functioning nuclear power plant late on Friday night, the semi-official Fars News Agency reported on Saturday.

Dozens of people in Bushehr were quick to upload footage of the fire to social media as bystanders moved away from the flames.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, according to Iranian media reports. The IRGC-affiliated Tasnim News Agency reported that the fire was “intentional,” without providing further details.

Last July, the city of Bushehr saw another large fire break out at the Delvar Shipyard. Iran has been witnessing dozens of mysterious fires and explosions across the country since mid-2020, many of which have taken place near nuclear facilities.