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PUBLISHED: 4:07 PM 18 Jul 2018

Massive Find: Russia Locates £100 Billion In Lost Gold

The Japanese sent it to the bottom of the ocean floor during the Russo-Japanese War.

The hits just keep coming for Vladimir Putin (pictured).

Russia‘s Vladimir Putin appears to be on a roll. U.S. President, Donald Trump, has spent a lot of effort to heal the damaged relationship with the former Soviet state, and now Russia gets a huge boost. The Express has confirmed that what was thought at first to be a battleship near the island of was really a vessel called the Dmitrii Donskoi which was sunk 113 years ago near what is now North Korea.

And, it’s full of gold.

About £100 billion worth of gold, as a matter of fact. The ship was brought down during the “Russo-Japanese War and could have had the gold of an entire flotilla on board.” The armored cruiser was part of the Russian Imperial Navy’s Baltic fleet which had been sent to the Pacific in 1904 and 1905.

This warship would have been part of the Battle of Tsushima, a battle that Japan won. The sinking would have been nothing short of a travesty since it was thought to contain “the port expenses and also the salaries of sailors and officers.

It is thought that the “gold reserves” of other ships may have been on the Dmitrii Donskoi when she went to the seafloor, as well.

A South Korean treasure hunting company called the Shinil Group spent a great deal of time locating the vessel and is now going to the use the help of “companies from China, Canada, and Britain to retrieve the treasure” in a joint venture.

We spotted things that look like treasure boxes, but we have not opened them yet,” the Shinil Group has admitted. “We will open them up in due course.

Yes, it seems that they are spreading the mystery on extra thick just to create even more hype, but then again, this is a once in a lifetime find for any treasure hunting operation.

South Korean tourists often like to enjoy the area of this massive find and Shinil has made a pledge that 10% of what they make will be used for “investment projects on Ulleng Island.” One of the goals is to make a museum dedicated to the find of Donskoi.

Russia will get an equal share since not only is it their ship, but they have also helped the South Koreans find the vessel. One theory is that the capital will be used to invest in “a railroad connecting Russia with Korea.”

Another win for Putin.

So, in just two days, the world has learned that there are enough diamonds in the Earth to make the whole market obsolete and Russia has found a long-lost ship full of gold.

At this rate, what will tomorrow bring?