PUBLISHED: 11:37 PM 7 Dec 2017

Massive D.C. Sting Nets 4,000 As Liberals Scramble To Spin Or Ignore Obama Catastrophe

Chris Murphy (D-CT), right, has been vocal about gun control since his time being elected but now that action is taking place to get guns of the street, he's silent.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), left, has been vocal about gun control since his time being elected but now that action is taking place to get guns of the street, he’s silent.

The law enforcement agencies of the United States of America have been revitalized during the first year of the Trump presidency.  Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have had their handcuffs removed and have since carried out a dramatic revamping of the interior work that has desperately needed work.  Now the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm, and Explosives alongside the Federal Bureau of Investigations carried out raids in Northern Virginia that yielded the arrests of 28 suspected gang members as well as 4,000 illegal firearm seizures.

The Democrats who have done nothing about the rise in criminal gang activity over the past eight years are going to have a hard time criticizing the Trump administration after this work produced less guns on the street.  Gun confiscation is the solution that many on the left have offered as the answer to all of the imaginary gun problems.

Their focus is usually not on stopping crime but rather covering it up so it is not a surprise to see a lack of approval from the Democratic side of the aisle.  However, this assault on both drug and gun trafficking networks could not have come at a better time as Americans are more eager than ever to see this gun crisis solved and their faith in the justice system restored.  Democrats wanting to take the guns away from law abiding citizens must recognize the significance of this massive operation as it seized so many guns that could have been used for mass murder.

The guns and criminals apprehended by the proper auhtorities is a step in the right direction for people on both sides of the political spectrum to come together to rejoice this news. Less guns in the hands of criminals means less chance of those guns goingto murder innocents.

The ATFE and FBI worked as one during this operation as it was their goal to not only get these dangerous guns out of the hands of murderers and drug runners, they wanted to get the bad guys themselves.  This is but a small step in the right direction for law enforcement agencies across the nation to take the necessary steps towards dismantling the criminal networks that plague the nation.

Many have stated that this is a move that will help the communities from which these criminals were apprehended because it will make an example out of those who believe that they are above the law.  Perhaps instead of idealizing the local drug or gun dealer, the youth in the area will put their focus onto positive role models who can help them pick the path right for them.  This is something that has not been seen done by an administration in quite some time. The previous eight years resulted in unprecedented crime and trafficking increases.

It is time for the authorities to make those responsible for drug and gun deaths accountable for their actions. Many of the criminals arrested in the Northern Virginia area have been linked to the notorious “Bloods” gang that gained a lot of notoriety during the 90’s.  Their criminal activity includes homicide, malicious wounding, robbery, shootings, and drug and firearm distribution.  This makes these guys ideal targets for both Democrats and Republicans who want fewer gun related public attacks.

Democrats want to believe that taking everyone’s guns away is simple and going to stop gun crime, however, the graphic above sums the argument up extremely nicely as criminals already do not follow the law so they will be the only ones left with guns.

Getting the guns out of the hands of the criminal networks that distribute them is a key step towards reducing the number of shootings that occur.  These guns could have been used to kill other gang members, innocents caught in a cross fire, or even a crowds of people.  They sell guns to make money, what the guns are used for it is no concern to an underground gun merchant.

Although the integrity of the “executives” of the FBI, and other alphabet agencies,  is still largely in question, operations like these are a reminder that no matter the political leanings of those in charge, many within the Bureau are patriotic Americans dedicated to keeping the nation safe.  The coming weeks will yield answers that many Americans are still wondering and that is whether or not the FBI can be trusted for their roles in the Trump investigation and their lack thereof in terms of Hillary Clinton?

After today’s congressional briefing with newly approved FBI Director Wray, it seems clear that many are eagerly awaiting of the Inspector General’s findings during his investigation.  Despite Democrats during the hearing continuing their grossly inappropriate talking points such as Russia hacking the election and Trump tweeting “unverified” racist videos, Republicans in the hearing were able to get some real truth out of Director Wray.

Although they were not the specific target for this operation, the gang MS-13 has been in the reticle for the Trump administration as his law enforcement agents and attorneys have the notorious gang in their sights. Perhaps it is time to stop living in fear of these murdereous thugs.

However, this operation, alongside the success of human trafficking task forces, ICE and Border Patrol, and other local and state authorities continues to show that patriots in law enforcement are doing everything they can stop criminals and protect American lives.