PUBLISHED: 8:29 PM 2 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 11:53 PM 2 Jan 2018

JUST IN: Massive Backlash As Leader Tweets “Migrant” Truth, Police Investigate Hate Crime

She told the truth about violent migrants and now she's being investigated.

Beatrix von Storch told the truth about violent migrants and now she’s being investigated.

A German political leader has come under fire for simply criticizing the lack of response to an uptick in Muslim gang rapes throughout the region.

According to the Daily Caller, Beatrix von Storch, deputy leader of Germany’s AfD party and a member of the German parliament, is now under police investigation for sending out a tweet that leftists have said portrays Muslims in an uncomfortable manner.

In a tweet sent out on New Year’s Eve, Storch blasted the Cologne police of cowering to what she characterized as “barbaric, gang-raping Muslim hordes of men” after the department sent out a tweet in Arabic to celebrate the new year.

The message in Arabic translates into: “Wish all Colin police people in the welifrkozn Colin and other cities 2018,” and provides a link to receive additional information on the new year.

As reported by BBC, Von Storch’s Twitter account was suspended on Monday for roughly 12 hours after she criticized the police department of pandering to Muslims rather than addressing the increase in violent crime and rape from Muslims since they assimilated to Germany.

When she tried to post a message to her personal Facebook page, it was blocked and flagged as violating the social media’s rules of engagement.

And now she is under police investigation for tweets that the department argues may be an “incitement to hatred,” which is a criminal charge under Germany’s preposterous free speech laws.

She warned that Muslim migrants were violently attacking and raping innocent women.

Under these new outrageous laws, social media companies can be fined for not removing “illegal” content, which fuels free speech violations and takes away basic rights from people like Storch.

The AFD defended Von Storch’s comments, where the group’s leader Alice Weidel wrote on Facebook that police have made it clear they support, “imported, marauding, groping, abusive, knife-stabbing migrant mobs” to take over Germany.

Liberals love free speech until one says something they disagree with, which is evidenced by Von Storch being blocked on social media for bringing attention to a very important issue that could save lives.

With an endless flow of Muslim refugees pouring into Europe, we should be very thankful that President Trump has drastically halted our refugee process to ensure the American people aren’t placed in harm’s way.

Sources: Daily Caller – BBC