Transit Bathroom Costs $110K

PUBLISHED: 3:18 PM 22 Feb 2018

Massachusetts Transit Boss Spent $100,000 Taxpayer Funds On 115-Foot Bathroom

The contract was not bid and the work was fast tracked.

While regular people settled for any bathroom that they can find, some workers want only the best.

Recently, the Guggenheim Museum was toxically disrespectful to America’s First Lady, Melania Trump. She had requested to borrow a popular piece of art (which is common for those living the White House) and was denied. It was suggested that she take a fully functional gold toilet that was used to show the excess of our times and was mocked, too. As it turns out, it is Massachusetts liberals who were really using such money on bathroom additions, however, not Mrs. Trump.

As Yahoo News confirms, “Massachusetts transportation officials are under fire for authorizing a no-bid contract for a tiny, $100,000 bathroom” that was installed inside of the State Transportation Building. It is known that “the 115-square-foot bathroom and adjoining kitchenette was” part of the “new state Transportation Department and MBTA boardroom.

How is that for 1% privilege at the taxpayer’s expense? It seems that the very mockery which is leveled at President Trump (who takes only $1 as mandated by law to serve as president) is a reality for some leaders in this state.

We are told that project was “fast-tracked and not put out to bid,” something that is commonly done to keep the costs down as contractors are forced to bid for the work.

Greg Sullivan, “a former state inspector general who’s now research director at the Pioneer Institute,” called the bathroom’s costs “outrageous.”

Adding to this outrage, the new and costly lavatory is only about 40 paces “from a spacious public bathroom on the same floor.” The reason for this, according to a “spokesman for the Transportation Department,” is that reporters often follow members of the staff into the restroom.

So, of course, to prevent that, the best idea is to spend $100 grand on a new bathroom!

This is the kind of thing that voters used to hear about and simply assume would never end. However, now that Mr. Trump is in office and working tirelessly each day to expose it fully, those days are over.

The average American is taking note of such things and they are holding their leaders accountable with ever-growing regularity.

In this most liberal of states, that can happen quickly enough.

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