Court Takes On Antifa

PUBLISHED: 5:41 PM 14 Dec 2018

Marines Testify About Racist “Antifa Mob” Attack, Court Issues Judgement

The two victims testified in court about a savage attack they endured at the hands of ‘anti-fascist’ thugs.

Antifa attackers don't show there faces, just like the democrat supporting KKK in the past.

Nearly one month after two U.S. Marines were savagely set upon and beaten by an “antifa mob,” they told their harrowing experience in court.

During the “We The People” rally in Philadelphia, the peaceful demonstration was rocked by violent mobs of masked antifa members using fascist tactics and hate to find victims.

The Marines were in the city for an unrelated event when they were spotted by the ignorant, racist groups.

In a Philadelphia courtroom on Thursday morning the service members, Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres, both testified in uniform about the incident.

The suspects, Thomas Massey and Tom Keenan, who have been linked to antifa on websites and social media, silently brooded during the recital of facts.

The marines had traveled to the city with other members of their helicopter unit, to attend an event that night at a local hotel ballroom.

While touring historical landmarks, suspect Thomas Keenan approached them.

Godinez explained that Keenan asked them “Are you proud?,” to which Godinez responded, “We are Marines.”

Torres remembered Keenan asking “Are you Proud Boys?” a reference to a group associated with the rally.

“I didn’t know what Proud Boys meant,” Torres said.

Then, “Keenan, Massey, and approximately ten other people — men and women, some masked and some unmasked — then began attacking them with mace, punches, and kicks, and calling them ‘nazis’ and ‘white supremacists.’”

On the stand, Godinez said that he was “bewildered” and called out, “I’m Mexican!”

“After that, as the attack continued, both men said that members of the group, including Keenan, repeatedly used ethnic slurs, including ‘spic’ and ‘wetback,’ against the marines.”

Godinez was “maced at least six times, hit in the head, and kicked in the ribs, and he said that while he was being ‘stomped,’ members of the group, which the judge and the district attorney’s office have both referred to as a ‘mob,’ chanted ‘f*ck him up’ over and over again.”

Godinez told the court that Keenan was “laughing, smiling, and having a good time, while I could have died that day.”

“Torres testified that Massey punched him ‘full force’ repeatedly while he held his hands up above his face to protect himself, and the prosecutor used the opportunity to make it clear that while both Torres and Godinez are marines, the suspects are significantly larger in both height and weight than the two of them.”

Godinez previously identified the violent attackers as an “antifa mob” and said “we were outnumbered … there were two Marines against 10 to 12 assailants.”

“On the stand, Godinez explained that he tried to call 911 once the group had fled but that he couldn’t operate his phone because of the mace.

“Torres called 911, and an ambulance transported both men to Jefferson Hospital, where Godinez was treated. He said that his sight is still affected by what happened that day — he was noticeably blinking throughout the court proceeding — and that he continues to have discomfort from some of his other injuries. He testified that he might require surgery.”

“At one point in the hearing, Keenan’s attorney referred to the incident as a ‘tussle.’ Shortly thereafter, the judge rebuked the lawyer, saying ‘This isn’t like kids at a playground.’”

“The judge ruled that both men would be held for trial on aggravated assault and conspiracy charges — both felonies — as well as several misdemeanors. The judge also added a felony charge of ethnic intimidation against Keenan. Their next court date is December 27th.”

The incident shows how truly ignorant and bloodthirsty these ‘antifa’ groups are, and how willing they are to attack and maim anyone who they deem a ‘nazi.’