PUBLISHED: 10:34 PM 4 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 10:35 PM 4 Jan 2017

Man Stands To Unite Entire Black And Islamic Community Against Trump, Paving Way For Iran War


Why does Farrakhan often side with sharia law practitioners who would likely kill him or his followers if given the chance?

There are not many voices in America that really can speak to moderate Islamist’s within the country. That is because there is not a lot of people outside of that community that connect in a way that can alter the thinking of those enveloped in Islam. Some supposed Islamic rappers have a bit of sway with the black youth, but most of them are also anti Trump – whilst knowing nothing about him except media lies – so they are not likely to be very helpful in using their sway.

They are more likely to sway people into Black Lives Matter and their racist message by burning flags in the street than helping bring unity.

One of the voices that does tend to reach the Islamic crowd is one Louis Farrakhan. While in the past, “Calypso Louie” has been known as one of the single most divisive and racist people in America. He is also famous for songs such as “A White Man’s Heaven is a Black Man’s Hell,” and he also did an interview with Alex Jones that showed Farrakhan was open to more correct lines of thinking. Farrakhan had toned down, at least it seemed, his anti-Israel mindset, as well.

Unfortunately, it seems as if all of the progress that so many had hoped had occurred within Louie was hope given in vein, because he is back to his hateful ways once again. Farrakhan has failed everyone by coming out in favor of Iran over the USA, supporting Islam over Christianity, and now he is leading an uprising. He foolishly called the Iran deal a win for Obama, which is much like calling the Indians a win for Custer.

The facts that make this so very important lie in a few elements that need addressed. To begin with, Farrakhan is saying that Trump is sent by God to dismantle America so that a new day can dawn. This insult is dressed in flowery language that rings as hollow as the pumpkin atop Farrakhan’s shoulders.

How is stopping a nation that chants openly “Death to America” as it’s leaders watch saying nothing a good thing? He also wants to build a nuclear power plant on a known fault zone to cause a meltdown or worse, and has been caught enriching uranium to levels of bomb quality for the “dismantling” of America.

The way that Farrakhan see’s the war unfolding is that he fears taking this Iran deal apart would lead to a siding with Israel that will spark a third world war. It is interesting to note that he never says how allowing a nation that is often heard alluding to bombing Israel to obtain a nuclear bomb is not also going to head to a third world war, but then again, who expect logic from left leaning Louie?


On the Alex Jones show, he seemed to have awoken a bit, but he is a wrong as ever before.

The alarm should go out to everyone who hears this man to avoid his words, because Farrakhan is man who could possibly lead a black uprising against the very forces who are trying to help them. If Farrakhan can drum up sympathy for the Iranians, which is something not common even among Islamist’s in America currently, then the ramifications could be quite dire, indeed.

If he were to unify angry young blacks (who Trump aims to help as they rail against him) with older, yet still disenfranchised blacks, then an unneeded and harmful uprising could occur which sets the nation back even further. Many find that this is quite a common theme among our leaders in that they love people like Louie that divide people and prevents them from unifying enough to see how people like Soros and the Rockefeller’s are laughing as the pull the puppet strings.

The other problem with what Farrakhan has done by coming out in favor of one of the most unstable nations on the planet having nuclear power in a war zone is found in the idea that his followers may unite behind his crazed words.

The Nation of Islam in the USA is not known for terror to a large degree the way that other factions of radial Islam can be, but that could easily change overnight if such notions as Farrakhan is arguing were to take root. This is yet another kind of harmful uprising that could occur.


When condemning Obama’s wars, many had vainly hoped that Farrakhan had awoken.

When Farrakhan was ranting about the evils of Bush and his wars, at least Louis was consistent when he was against Obama doing the same. Now overnight, as if visited in a dream by a hooded man with a knife, he comes out and calls Obama’s deal with the Iranians a win. One thing is for sure, Trump did not call it a win, and most of America tended to agree with Trump.

Iran is the only nation in the world that could openly hope for the death of America and still get billions of dollars from America while doing it. If such an idea were penned into a comedy script for a TV sitcom, the editors would tone the writer down for being unbelievable.


Do most of Farrakhan’s followers embrace sharia leaning leaders the way that he does?

However, in the world of those that hate America, this is the standard fare. Make no mistake about it, people of Farrakhan’s ilk hate the United States with a deep insidious hatred that is almost beyond description. Everything that happens against America is somehow a win for these kinds of creatures.

That is why they can not see that they are supporting people that abuse woman worse than is suggested in most of hip hop radio, which is saying a lot. Louis Farrakhan should see that the kind of evil that is making places like Iran and Libya a true hell on Earth is only a few bad decisions and misguided deals form happening here.

Then again, that may be the whole goal. The enemy is usually within, and we better watch out before this jihadist leads an uprising on our own soil.