Welfare Pregnancy Scheme Backfires

PUBLISHED: 1:21 AM 17 Feb 2018

Man Sentenced To 2 Years For Bizarre Welfare Pregnancy Scheme

He was given 10 years but 8 were suspended for some reason.

One would-be offender on Craigslist had the most "ridiculous" idea ever.

Welfare scams are not rare. Sadly, neither is sex with those who are under the age of 18. However, the level of absolute mental dimness that was displayed by Jon-Paul Patterson Snyder, 32, is thankfully as rare as lobster chins as he attempted what may be the most foolish scheme in welfare history.

According to Fox News, this “Virginia man was sentenced to two years in prison Wednesday” for trying to set up sex with a 14-year-old girl “eager to become pregnant to obtain welfare.” As the Free-Lance Star reminds us, there are some people who are willing to take advantage of virtually anyone.

Snyder was taken into custody after he “reached out” to an undercover cop who was posing on Craigslist. The add posted read, “Get you pregnant naturally, no strings m4w.” The officer, pretending to be a teen, said that she heard that if a pregnancy was achieved, welfare was more easily obtained.

It is quite “hard to imagine a more ridiculous set of circumstances,” admitted prosecutor Stephanie Fitzgerald.

To make the whole affair even more pathetic for the Synder once busted, he called (of all people) his wife to say that he had “messed up.”

The Spotsylvania Circuit Court judge gave the offender a 10-year sentence with 8-years of it suspended. This happened because Snyder took a plea deal for “electronic solicitation of a minor.

Now, this would-be sexual offender will have to “limit his internet access” and “seek sex offender treatment.” We can only hope that the treatment helps before he is set free again.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that 11 men in total were busted in the sting. Most alarming is that one of those offenders “worked as a custodian at a local school.”

While this man was unable to harm anyone or game the system in the process, how many others like him are getting away with such things?

As a society, we had better get much more serious about answering this, or what we are seeing now will never stop.

God forbid, it may even get worse.

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