“Predator” With Van Guilty

PUBLISHED: 12:50 AM 27 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 12:51 AM 27 Jan 2018

Man Sentenced After Police Discover Van Was Roving Chamber For Abductions

He Propositioned Two Sisters Who Called 911 And Got A Picture Of The License Plate.

Daniel Dickson has been sentenced for his disgusting crimes.

It seems criminals are getting more and more creative when it comes to how they access their victims. A recent conviction points to a new trend for sex offenders. A man in Maryland has been convicted of using a mobile “sex chamber” to attempt to abuse young girls.

Daniel Dickson will serve ten years in prison for the crime. On January 10, 2017, he attempted to lure two sisters into his van to sexually abuse them.

The terror waiting inside the van was something right out of a movie. The creepy pedophile had put together a collection of all sorts of tools to make raping his victims easier.

Dickson was not trying to grab the sisters to take them somewhere else to harm them. He had a mattress in the back of the van to use for that.

He also had an extensive collection of condoms, personal lubricants, and Axe body spray.

The sisters that he approached for sex both appeared to be underage. They were also very close to a school.

Being close to a school seemed to make sense as it was possible Dickson used that to his advantage. He made no efforts to hide the fact that he was out trolling for young victims.

The teens he attempted to pick up were from Montgomery County. At the time they were 15 and 19. Even though the older sister was an adult, they told the man they were both underage.

Dickson approached the pair as they left the driveway of A. Mario Loiderman Middle School in Wheaton, Maryland. There was no reason to believe he thought they were legally able to give consent to have any sexual contact.

As the girls walked beyond the school grounds, Dickson slowly drove by them. He then made a u-turn to drive the wrong way on a one-way street to come back to them.

After turning around and driving the wrong way, he started a very awkward conversation with the sisters. They shared that he told them they were cute and suggested they hop in his van.

Neither of the teens seemed to react positively to the invite, so he turned up the heat and asked if either of the girls were interested in an unlisted sex act. They both declined.

As they turned down his request for sex, they also shared they were both not old enough. This did not seem to deter his efforts to get them into his van.

The quick-thinking sisters were able to get the license plate for the van. He had stocked up his Mazda minivan for the afternoon attempt to pick up the girls.

After repeatedly turning down his invitation to get into the van, the sisters used one of their cell phones to call 911. They also used the cell phone to get the van on video which served as a critical piece of evidence for the police.

Because there was video given to the police, it was nearly impossible for Dickson to deny the facts in this case. He was also seen on more than one occasion parked outside of the same school that he tried to pick the girls up from in Wheaton.

It seems that he was tracking the times the students left the school and other details about the students there. He was targeting students in the area.

Dickson later told the police he regularly drove around local streets looking for girls to pick up. He also used Facebook to search for sex partners.

During his interview with police, he made no effort to hide the fact that age was not a factor for his choice of sex partners. He merely stated he did not care if they were underage, he was just looking for sexual favors.

The police have shared that Dickson is a predator and not merely a man out for a good time. He was not forthcoming about tracking the school traffic, but several parents in the area recognized his van.

While the two sisters were able to avoid being sexually abused, he was arrested for solicitation of a minor. There was only one charge because of the age of the older sister.

As with many cases, a predator is not often caught the first time they try to commit a crime. Police have not shared any further information about possible other victims, but there is always a chance he has done this before.