PUBLISHED: 8:16 PM 17 Jul 2017

Man Sentenced To 16 Years As Judge Rules In ‘Case Of The 18 Cats’


Robert Farmer, pictured, terrorized his California neighborhood. Over a months-long period, he kidnapped, tortured, and killed 18 pet cats. When police captured him he was found inside a car that was dripping with cat blood.

On Friday, a California judge sentenced a neighborhood monster to the maximum time behind bars.

Robert Farmer, 26, pleaded guilty to torturing and slaughtering nearly two dozen cats. Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Sharon Chatman sentenced the maniac to sixteen years behind bars.

Farmer’s case was hard to defend. Police arrested him after finding him sitting in a car that was covered in bits of fur and blood. A helpless tabby lay curled up on the center console. A hunting knife gleamed in the backseat.

Prosecutors say that he brutalized the cats so badly that their bodies showed signs of sexual abuse. His defense attorney argued that Farmer’s deviant behavior resulted from his desire to inflict pain rather than a need for sexual gratification.

If there was an animal cruelty registry then Mr. Farmer would be the perfect picture for that,” Judge Chatman said.

Chatman’s comment refers to her decision to discard the sexual abuse allegations, thus sparing Farmer from having to register as a sex offender.


People who lost their pets to Farmer’s violence rallied together outside the court room. The victims told the judge that they wanted the defendant to go away for a long time. The judge granted their wish.

Fox News reports:

Given that Farmer is not required to register as a sex offender, he will serve his sentence – with two years credit for time already served – in county jail rather than federal prison. After release, which could be in as little as four-and-a-half years, Farmer will have to register for probation until the terms of the full 16-year sentence are fulfilled. He will not be allowed to own or care for any animal for 10 years…in addition to undergoing court-ordered psychological treatment.”

Farmer deserved to be punished for his crime. He cruelly murdered innocent creatures who had families who loved them. A surveillance camera caught him in the act kidnapping one of his victims. Watch below:

Time after time I have played in my head what you did to thumper and all of the other animals — you beat them, you tortured them and then when they were dead, you sexually abused them. Tell me, what kind of a monster does this?” Myriam Martinez, whose cat Thumper was killed by Farmer, wrote on a Facebook page called “Justice For Our CATZ.”

Farmer’s crimes were horrific. His attorney said during the trial that he was a frequent drug abuser. Farmer himself attempted to blame his actions on his inebriated state.

It’s so hard to grasp I did this,” he wrote in a journal. “I stole a member of their family. The fact that I was out of my mind was no excuse.”

Farmer and his defense pleaded for mercy, but it wasn’t granted. His victims were extremely organized and vocal. His neighbors urged the judge to give him the maximum sentence, a desire that was complied with.


Farmer tortured over a dozen innocent cats. Possibly more. The judge read each pet’s name during the trial, although the defendant seemed unmoved. Prosecutors argued that Farmer was a violent sociopath incapable of feeling empathy.

Finally, today, after almost two years and 15 hearings we got a justice for our babies. Today was very long and emotionally exhausting day. We can’t thank you enough for all your help and support, either by attending court or via electronic communication,” one of the cat owners victimized by Farmer, Miriam Petrova, wrote.

You have shown that our pets are not things, but loving family members who have feelings and have a soul and they deserve justice. On their behalf, we want to thank you for being the voices for our voiceless animals.”


Farmer’s attorney had a difficult task. His client pleaded guilty to a horrible and brutal crime.

Farmer will likely be released from jail within with two years. He’s young enough to change his life. The judge ordered him to attend therapy sessions, which may help. He will not, however, have to register as a sex-offender. His housing choices will only be limited by his income.