Tree Cutting Costs

PUBLISHED: 8:05 PM 12 Jun 2018

Man Removed Tree Danger, Now Owes City $20,000

The property owner saw the damaged tree, and knew it was a threat to people, so he carefully removed it.

How restrictive can Long Island get?

For some reason, as the Bundy’s have proven, the U.S. government feels that it has rights which the Constitution makes clear that it does not. This fact is seen again in Long Island, New York, as a man named Pericles Linardos is being fined $22,500 for chopping down trees on his own land. They posed a very real danger to everyone on the property, CBS New York has confirmed.

The man and his family were concerned that people might be injured by one damaged tree in particular. In a nation where the 4th Amendment and the Constitution are supposed to protect citizens, decisions on one’s own property are no longer up to the owner. Apparently, taking initiative to do what was right made him a violator because he did not jump through hoops, grovel at the proper authorities, or “go through the proper channels” to tend to his own land.

The “Nassau County wooded property in the Village of Muttontown” has been the home of Linardos since he was but 12 years old.

Superstorm Sandy beat mercilessly on the property, splintering and splitting the trees. Some in the front yard have since been replaced with bushes, but one tree fell, damaging six others, and all seven needed had to be removed for safety reasons.

Even experts said that the trees could not be saved, yet “Muttontown Village Attorney Steven Leventhal says cutting down a tree in this northshore community is like polluting beaches on the South Shore.” What he fails to understand is that, unlike the South Shore, Linardos owns this land and what he does on it none of anyone’s business.

Trees seven inches or more need a permit to be removed. This law runs counter to the founding document so it needs scrapped from the books rather than enforced. The law allows for emergency removal and somehow the city wanted the family to suffer the risk of the trees falling on them (or their house) until the papers were signed.

We got a phone call,” admitted the owner. “Our arborist went out saw the trees already down. He said they were healthy.” He is being fined “$250 for each tree inch measured.” If he does not pay, he faces 15 days in jail, which is really an easier pill to swallow if faced with such injustice.

He plans to go to jail (costing the city money) instead of paying them. This is exactly what they deserve, too.

If someone is not endangering anyone else on their land, that landowner has the God-given right to use and protect it however they like. Instead, this expensive and needless battle has carried on for five years and the city claims that he is the only person who has not bowed to their strong-arming.

That is all the more the reason why he should keep resisting.

If only more Americans knew this, America could once again resemble what it was meant to be.