Cop Cars Attacked With Sledgehammer

PUBLISHED: 1:29 AM 6 Feb 2018

Man Goes On Sledgehammer Spree, 12 Police Cars Targeted

They haven’t yet released this man’s name.

Cars similar to this took the sledgehammer's fury.

When law enforcement is in the wrong, it is important to make sure that the record is put right. By the same token, those angered by the police are best served by trying to keep that anger in check while the issue is addressed, something that did not happen in Dallas, Texas as a man with a sledgehammer went on a rampage.

A man took the mighty weapon and used it on no less than 12 squad cars, according to Yahoo News. The unnamed man strolled “into the Dallas Central Patrol parking lot at the city’s marshal’s office detention center” prior to sunrise and let his fury lose early on Sunday.

The suspect was “arrested for public intoxication and other low-level misdemeanors,” and is quite fortunate that the officers did not choose to read his actions as an attack, or he could be dead.

It has not addressed why the man’s identity was being kept a secret, but as the case moves to court we shall all surely find out who the person was. He currently sits in the local jail as he sobers up to a great many new problems.

It remains to be seen if the man even had a reason to be angry at the officers. Sometimes it seems as if all cops are to pay the price for the really bad ones. This makes things overly difficult when the police are doing nothing but working. In honesty, almost everyone has believed this at one point or another,

Do the police infringe upon our rights? In far too many cases, the answer is an Earth-shattering, “YES!“, yet we don’t often act to prevent or change the injustice. We often go about our day letting the issues fester until some random drunk with a sledgehammer thinks that his actions are needed.

It would be far wiser for Americans to address the job that cops are made to do and to change back to a society that honors our basic rights than to detest every cop who may even agree. There are many officers who agree with the common man when it comes to the matter of government overreach.

It can be suggested that if everyone who got a ticket refused to pay refused to pay it, for instance, in time law enforcement would only be able to address so many. We only have so many jail space, after all. That would mean that the most dangerous offenders would be addressed and there really wouldn’t be much that authority could to everyone else.

However, that kind of rebellion takes unity. If not, everyone ends up with criminal records and eating bread and water.

We don’t have unity in the U.S. today, which is why we have some many foolish people acting like this intoxicated man did.

If we can’t meet to talk out such problems without resorting to swinging a sledgehammer, however, we are never going to get anywhere.

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