Criminal Gets Caught

PUBLISHED: 9:35 PM 13 Apr 2018

Man Gives Police Permission To Review Dash Cam Footage For Accident, Ends Up In Jail

When they reviewed the tape, they saw him committing a burglary.

As if he was living up to his name, police likely suspected nothing until the criminal gave them all of the proof that they required.

When one is guilty of taking part in a crime, it is always wise to not give incriminating evidence of the fact to law enforcement officers. This may sound like “Crime 101,” but it seems to have been nothing short of rocket science for 25-year-old Xavier Moran. The Floridian managed to all but handcuff himself, as Yahoo News has confirmed.

The Florida driver was placed under arrest after he turned over his dashboard cam willfully to police. The footage was supposed to show details of a crash that took place in Palm Beach on April 5, and it did. However, it also showed “Moran taking a baseball bat from the trunk and someone using the bat to break the glass door to the store.

Either he did not know that the data was recorded showing his involvement in the crime or he simply forgot, but that hardly matters now.

While trying to show a Palm Beach sheriff’s deputy how “he had been cut off by another driver,” he signed over the camera via a consent form!

Now Moran, who is not known to have a lawyer at this time, faces “burglary charges” and has been arrested.

It remains to be seen how the data found will help in his other driving case, but suffice to say, the information obtained certainly helped law enforcement solve one theirs.

This is the common problem with those who break the law, of course.

While everyone is guilty of some infraction, purposeful intent to defraud, abuse, or otherwise harm others and/or their property has a price to pay. Many times, that price is that when law enforcement is needed by the criminal, they are already wanted for any number of crimes.

Florida is a state that faces a lot of unique problems, too. The elderly flock there, gangs fester there, and they have even been voted as the worst state in the union to live in.

Much of that ranking may have to do with people like Moran. Thankfully, he is no longer on the streets.