Man Flashes Girl

PUBLISHED: 3:37 PM 2 Apr 2018

Man Enters Women’s Bathroom In Target, Exposes Himself To Girl

Police are still looking for the man.

The aim of security at Targets seems to have missed the mark.

Those in favor of letting each gender play musical chairs with the toilet seat based on how they feel each day have been warned. They argue that most gay/trans people pose no harm to anyone, and frankly, they are usually correct in that assessment. However, there are predators, molesters, and rapists who will use this PC permission slip as an excuse to weasel their way into restrooms where they can prove to be quite a menace. As Breitbart News showed today, a family shopping at a Target store Chicago, Illinois, has found out what the company’s leftist policy can lead to.

As was warned by everyone with any experience with child predators, Obama’s push to allow the liberals to change bathroom policies is beginning to backfire. A man is said to have entered the “LADIES” restroom (which seems to have lost its meaning) “and exposed himself to a little girl in a South Loop location,” according to ABC 5 News. Likewise, NBC Chicago verified that it was a mother with her young daughter who has confirmed the foul act which one shopper said may be “pure evil.”

Adscititious information shows that the man claimed, on March 25th, that he needed to use the facilities and then pushed himself into their stall! This horrid act deed took place “at 1154 S. Clark just after 4 PM,” according to reports.

The man even went so far as to pull his pants down in front of the child and the parent before leaving the scene.

It’s very sad. Children are innocent,” said a Target shopper named Stanley Hughley. “However old the pedophile was, it’s wrong. It’s pure evil no matter how you look at it.

Danielle Schumann, a spokesperson for Target, has claimed that suspect was guilty of being intoxicated but that his actions were not intended to harm anyone. “At Target, the safety and security of our guests is critically important to us,” she claimed.

Immediately after a guest notified us of this incident, we called law enforcement and provided them with video footage from our store entrance to help with their investigation,” she also confirmed.

WGN TV “issued a community alert” so that the suspect could be found, so clearly, the worry is that he was more than simply drunk and staggering into the wrong bathroom.

The man is said to be in his 30’s and dark skinned. He is “5-foot-10 to 6-feet tall and weighs between 170 and 190 pounds,” reports have stated. It is also known that he was wearing “a red jacket, dark hat, gray pants, and sunglasses” at the time that he offended the mother and child.

Furthermore, anyone with information is being asked to phone authorities at (312) 747-8380.

That leaves everyone asking if this really was a drunk man acting poorly or were there more nefarious actions going on. Target has a history of inviting the inversion and erasing of bathroom titles, so it is hard to use their stance as an indicator.

Hopefully, the person is found and it can be established just what happened (and why) back in March. No one will feel very good in the community until that happens, either.