Flag Protest

PUBLISHED: 9:00 PM 15 May 2018

Man Defies Court Ruling, Flies American Flag In Protest

He is now flying it upside sign as a distress symbol.

A New York man is proudly flying his American flag even after a court determined that he could not due to an apartment complex's restrictions.

It is generally wise to try to be a law-abiding citizen at all times. However, there are sometimes occasions which make even the most obedient individuals want to break a policy or law out of its sheer lack of logic.

This is the case for a New York man who may just be the last patriot standing in an unholy liberal land who has gone against a judge’s ruling to remove an American flag outside of his apartment window. He is still flying his flag, but now upside down in a cry of ‘distress.’

Previously, Eddie Desmond, 58, of New York City, New York attempted to show his patriotism by flying an American flag from his apartment.

The apartment complex informed Desmond that he would be required to remove the 2.5- by 4-foot flag.

Desmond refused, and the complex sued him for violating apartment policies regarding decorating ‘common areas.’ On Friday, the judge reluctantly ordered that the tenant take down the American flag.

However, it was clear that Judge Franc Perry was not pleased to have to force Desmond to hide his allegiance to the country. He reported that although “every man could consider his home his castle…there are limits.”

The reasoning is based on the grounds that buildings such as apartment complexes are an example of tenants being at the mercy of their landlord’s rules. While generally not enforced to such a degree, Judge Perry continued that this sometimes even applies to condos and houses or anywhere else where “cooperation with others” is expected.

Perry ruled that the flag and flagpole are to be removed in a timely manner.

In response to the ruling, Desmond did not remove the flag from outside his apartment window, but instead turned it upside down, which when done so is “a distress symbol,” he noted.

“It’s not to be used lightly” for such, Desmond added and justified using it as such in this instance because his “life and liberty” are currently under attack.

He continued that he would never take down his American flag as a sign of respect for war veterans, most notably his father and grandfather who served in the Korean War and World War I, respectively.

Desmond noted that he plans on appealing the judge’s ruling; however, is being somewhat cooperative with the apartment complex.

He noted that he will not interfere in any apartment complex official removing the flag themselves and that Desmond will even allow them to enter his apartment to do so.

However, he will not do so himself out of respect for the flag which he had rightfully determined is in his full right to fly at his residence.

Of course, as mentioned, apartment complexes have their own set of rules which are expected to be followed upon agreeing to live there.

Yet, unless many other tenants were flying excessive or inappropriate flags or decorations, the complex could have certainly looked the other way and not taken such serious action against Desmond.

At the very least, they did not need to sue him.

If anything, the American flag should be an exception to any sort of flag rule due to its prominence, similarly to how wedding bands are permitted when jewelry may otherwise be banned in a dress code.

Sadly, many appear to have lost respect for the American flag which is highly insulting towards those who have died for it.

In the media, players on the National Football League started a disturbing trend of kneeling for the national anthem and American flag as a sign of protest for racial equality and against police brutality.

On college campuses, the same disrespect can be seen in the form of rampant liberalism. Back in January at Broward College in Davie, Florida, a liberal assistant professor blatantly defaced an American flag by cutting it in half and painting it white.

She then took the disrespectful acts a step further when she placed the two pieces of the flag on the ground and used a video camera to capture footage of students and staff unknowingly trampling the beloved American flag.

This was said to be done in the name of ‘art,’ and the university disgustingly defended the assistant professor.

Desmond is likely feeling similar feelings of betrayal from his living community as the respectable individuals who were tricked into stepping on the American flag.

True, the flag can be said to be only a symbol of something greater, but it is what it stands for which has patriotic Americans appalled at its recent treatment.

Thankfully, there are still citizens such as Desmond who are standing up to this recent disregard in fighting for the red, white, and blue.