Child Tortured By Florida Man

PUBLISHED: 2:32 AM 27 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 2:35 AM 27 Jan 2018

Man Who Beat 3-Year-Old And Put Her In A Hot Oven Surrenders To Police

He Frequently Beat The Child But When The Mother Noticed The Bruises She Contacted Authorities

This man is a Monster!

When the Conservative Daily Post wrote about a skeleton being found in an attic, there were more than a few readers who did not quite know to think of the bizarre (but true) story. In that case, the strange placement of the body was an error, something that was sadly not the case with one child abuser in Florida.

A girl of only three told police that her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Terry May, would not only beat her with a belt leaving “several abrasions, bruises, swelling, and lacerations to her hands, feet, leg, and ear,” but he would do even more. According to Mad World News, he would also put her in the oven! Authorities have said that even animals are not this cruel.

This fact caused the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida to cook up an arrest warrant real fast but it was not needed. Upon hearing that he was being sought, May turned himself in.

The child’s mother had trusted the mephitic man to babysit her daughter, a trust that was clearly not earned. When she began to see signs of abuse, she wisely took the little girl to the hospital and alerted authorities.

The parent was blind to what was happening until the girl exposed the truth as investigators began asking her questions. This oven abuse tactic is thought to be how the girl suffered a burn to her ear. This means that May had not only put her in the oven, but turned it on.

How May ever imagined that he would get away with such obvious abuse is anyone’s guess.

In what may be the greatest statement to come from a law enforcement official in quite a long time, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said at a news conference, “It just boggles my mind you would torment and beat and place a kid in the oven and yet you walk around on two feet,” Breitbart News reports.

Animals don’t treat their kids the way this guy treated this little girl,” he added.

Chitwood also named the culprit the “Scumbag Of The Week”  and confirms that May is being held “on a $50,000 bond.”

When the news hit the departments Facebook page, one user typed, “I think he rates crime of the year, what terror must have went through that little girl’s mind, being placed in an oven. He has no humanity about him. I pray someone has the little girl who can give her comfort that it won’t happen again.”

That’s sad so sad he needs to pay,” opined another. This happened as one far angrier user said, “put his a** in an oven. box its call solitary confinement an. throw. away. the. key.THAT A BABY. SHE COULDNT DEFEND HER. SELF.”

The horror of being locked in an over as it is ignited may have been a scene too grim for the young girl to fully grasp. As it warmed up, however, the fear must have mounted, just the same.

It can be expected that Mr. May will know fear when the other inmates hear about what he did. When that happens, there are very few who will feel much remorse for the man.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostMad World News – Breitbart News