Charged With Hate Crime

PUBLISHED: 5:29 PM 15 Aug 2018

Man Arrested For Hate Crime For Smashing Police Cruiser Window With Brick

Adams-Almstad has been charged with assault on a police office, first-degree criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, a hate crime, and breach of peace.

Antifa thugs often destroy property and use violence to get their way.

A police department in Connecticut arrested a man and charged him with a hate crime on Monday after he threw a brick through a cruiser window, according to Raw Story. While going on his brick rampage, the man, who is also white, reportedly shouted to officers that he “hates white cops.”

Devon Adams-Almstad has been charged with assault on a police office, first-degree criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, committing a hate crime, and breach of peace following his unhinged brick attack. His anti-police actions and racist comments are indicative of Antifa, the far-left ‘terror’ group that often uses violence against anyone they deem a political opponent.

Adams-Almstad has not admitted to being an Antifa member, but his actions strongly resemble what many of their members did to police in the nation’s capital last weekend.

A recent video may have also contributed to the violent act. One officer’s ‘trigger’ happy comment is being connected to the incident in some reports.

The Hartford Police Department asserts that Adams-Almstad approached officers on Monday night and screamed that “he hates white police officers because they shoot black people and that he hates all of us” during the incident.

Police Chief David Rosado denounced the “brick attack” following Adams-Almstad’s arrest, saying such behavior against officers would not be tolerated.

“Attacks on our officers are entirely and unequivocally wrong, counterproductive, and themselves damaging,” he said, referring to the relationship between the community and police officers.

The vicious attack against officers for being white came a few days after a massive group of Antifa members swarmed the nation’s capital over the weekend and rallied against a few dozen white nationalists, who attempted to hold a protest of their own — except hardly anyone showed.

As noted by Conservative Daily Post, Antifa members got very, very violent. Wearing black masks or other clothing items to cover most of their face, a slew of Antifa thugs said they wanted to murder and cause serious physical harm to President Donald Trump.

When Antifa holds a rally or event in an area, many seek conflict, destroy property, and try to confront anyone who opposes their message.

They often try to outnumber people, where the group cowardly singles out one or two people and tries to intimidate them.

While there’s no indication that Adams-Almstad is part of or connected to Antifa, his decision to smash a brick through a cruiser coupled with his anti-police and racist comments toward them is straight from the Antifa playbook.

While he awaits a court hearing for a slew of serious charges, his actions and behaviors are indicative of how far some liberals will go to show their hatred toward police.