Trump Official Assaulted

PUBLISHED: 10:38 PM 16 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 10:58 PM 16 Mar 2018

Male Democratic Operative Arrested For Assaulting Female Trump Official

A male Democratic operative was arrested for assaulting a female Interior Department official.

A male democratic operative slammed a Trump administration official to the floor.

U.S. Capitol Police arrested a male democratic operative after he assaulted a female Interior Department communications director in President Donald Trump’s administration, according to the Daily Caller.

The incident occurred on Thursday after Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke testified before the House Committee on Natural Resources on the department’s 2019 budget proposal.

The alleged suspect said he was a reporter with American Bridge before slamming the unidentified Trump administration official to the floor.

It’s unclear if he shoved, pushed, or violently ran into the woman, but police arresting and charging the democrat, shows how violent the assault was.

Laura Rigas said she was “greatly alarmed and extremely irate that a female senior member of my DOI Communications team was physically assaulted today by a democrat staffer from the PAC American Bridge.”

American Brigade is a far-left super PAC that supports democrats for public office.

The group is not only aligned with liberal kingpin George Soros and Media Matters founder David Brock, their stated goal is to remove all Republicans from office.

Officials from the Interior Department filed a police report and the suspect was arrested. His identity will not be released until after he is processed.

“We are appalled to hear of the events following yesterday’s hearing where a member of Secretary Zinke’s staff was victim to an assault,” committee spokeswoman Katie Schoettler said about the incident.

She added: “These actions are reprehensible and have no place in this body. We thank the U.S. Capitol Police for their quick response and professionalism. The USCP is now handling the matter.”

Police arrested and charged the Democratic operative for simple assault against another individual.

His identity and information will be released seven to ten days after he has been processed.

This is just another tragic reminder that abhorrent and intolerable liberals will stop at nothing to attack President Donald Trump and republicans.

In this case, a democrat literally slammed a female Trump administration official to the floor.

This is how what liberals often do to republicans, and the mainstream media refuses to report on it.