Operation Double Trouble

PUBLISHED: 6:05 PM 30 Jul 2018

Major Illegal Alien Arrest Reveals Thousands In Stolen Taxpayer Benefits

Dominican immigrants are using Puerto Rican identities to take advantage of government funding.

Twenty-two illegal aliens were arrested for taking advantage of government funding by assuming Puerto Rican identities.

While the ungodly leftist fight for illegal immigration continues, there remain victims and surviving families of such aliens’ crimes who can personally vouch for its negative effects. In the most unfortunate cases, heinous attacks occur on innocent Americans. However, a recent series of arrests revealed a sanctuary state-wide taxpayer theft which wrongfully robbed a suspected quarter million dollars from deserving Massachusetts residents.

In discussing ‘Operation Double Trouble,’ U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke in Boston, Massachusetts where he elaborated on the detrimental horrors of illegal immigration. While these are obvious to those with any regard for national security, the left apparently still cannot see the problem with sanctuary laws despite countless aliens stealing from tax-paying Americans in their very community.

On July 26, it was revealed that 25 people were recently arrested for identity fraud crimes which allowed them to take advantage of federally and state-funded community resources such as housing, food stamps, and healthcare.

Unsurprisingly, a reported 22 of the arrested were illegal aliens, most of whom were living in Massachusetts under Puerto Rican identities. Originating from the Dominican Republic, they were able to easily do so by “assum[ing] another Hispanic person’s name,” according to U.S. Department of Justice Attorney Andrew Lelling.

Even more unsettling about this “influx of Dominican nationals” is the criminal records that many of them possess, including major drug possession offenses and worse.

Reportedly, one of the aliens, Jose Lopez Rosando, “is a convicted killer who escaped prison in Puerto Rico.”

Yet their recent charges instead include identity and taxation theft. According to reports, “24 of the 25 obtained a driver’s license or state ID, 19 applied for MassHealth benefits, one received $51,270 in rent subsidies,” “two pocketed more than $25,000 in unemployment benefits,” and “at least two registered to vote.”

Lelling noted that the criminals were likely able to take advantage of government benefits due to lax protocols at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

In its defense, the RMV claims that since the arrests were made, all of the false records were either “suspended or revoked” and that the organization, since 2014, has “increased technology and training to detect and prevent fraud.”

However, such appears to be failing in properly assigning identification cards which illegal aliens are, in turn, taking advantage of.

The local police reported that “ID imposters” arise “on a regular basis” due to the RMV’s negligence.

Yet the state’s failure to adequately ensure that unlawful immigrants do not pose as American citizens is, unfortunately, telling of sanctuary cities and states’ skewed priorities.

Boston and Massachusetts itself are welcoming of such aliens and is where Jeff Sessions “announc[ed] Operation Double Trouble, which is being led by Homeland Security Investigations’ Boston office.”

In his address on Thursday, Sessions mentioned American families torn apart by murder from aliens, along with the unfair advantage that immigrating illegally has over immigrants who patiently undergo the naturalization process.

He further expanded on the outrageous number of illegal aliens in “the Greater Boston area,” as “there are about as many…as the total population of Worcester, which is Massachusetts’ second biggest city.”

Sessions also provided the statistic that “one out of every 30 people in the Greater Boston area is an illegal alien.”

Yet the focus was mostly on what Sessions referred to as the “theft from America” given that the individuals had taken advantage of funding which was supposed to be allocated to hard-working Americans who pay taxes.

“These government programs are intended to help poor or elderly Americans,” Sessions continued, “Not those who are trespassing in this country.”

While the left could call such a statement hateful, Sessions mentioned multiple times that, of course, the arrests are still based on allegations and all “the defendants…are presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

Yet if they are, Sessions noted that the taxation theft totals an estimated $250,000, “including $200,000 in health care.”

Upon investigation, the Operation Double Trouble task force has since discovered up to 110 occurrences of supposed Massachusetts residents who have been “receiving Medicaid” despite someone in Puerto Rico using the same identity to also obtain such benefits.

Sessions noted that often similar cases are discovered upon a lawful American applying for government benefits only to learn that someone else has already done so under their name. Such has occurred throughout Puerto Rico where residents attempting to rebuild their lives and communities have had their identities stolen as well.

Yet the recent arrest reveals a series of thefts of all the people of Massachusetts due to its supposed failed motor vehicle department.

Governor Charlie Baker has since insisted that the RMV is working diligently to prevent this level of identification fraud, saying that it has “significantly beefed up” its efforts; however, Representative Shaunna O’Connell argued that “the RMV must up its game” in actively searching for offenders and reporting any suspicions to local law enforcement.

Unfortunately, there is no gaining the lost funding back; yet thankfully, 25 thieves have been stopped and 22 illegal aliens have been identified. More importantly, the major bust also further demonstrates the importance of actively fighting illegal immigration, as seen by the financial crimes committed in just one state.