DACA Criminals

PUBLISHED: 4:40 PM 13 Apr 2018

Mainstream Media Continues To Ignore Other Side Of Dreamers: The Criminals

Ann Coulter gives multiple examples of these DACA criminals.

DACA dreamers are for some Americans, a nightmare in reality.

Dreamers are making headlines, although the coverage in the mainstream media is highly slanted. They cover handpicked cases of single moms, hardworking men, and other human interest stories. Some cases of illegal aliens do not fit the globalist narrative so they simply choose to ignore the reality that is many DACA recipients.

Ann Coulter reports on five of the more recent cases of DACA criminals that were caught in the last month. Many of the reports of the crimes were limited to local newspapers, with some not being reported at all.

The more serious crimes highlighted are violent and extreme cases.

Serial child rapist Anastacio Eugenio Lopez-Fabian, 24, has been deported twice before. He was released without anyone informing Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Jaime Melchi-Sigas, 22, served time for reckless homicide for accidentally shooting a man while trying to buy an illegal firearm.

Alejandro Perez-Cortez, 26, was convicted of attempted rape and lost his appeal on the grounds of being poor and drunk at the time. Ivan Gerardo Zamarripa-Castaneda, 26, killed someone while driving drunk and fled the scene. He was also released without ICE being informed. Juan Vazquez Cornelio, 38, was charged with child rape in the first degree.

Coulter reminds us that DACA recipients are not just model students or young people who just want to live the American dream. Many are violent criminals, who have no desire to attend college or conform to the legal system that protects the American public.

Crimes of an extreme nature, allowed by the open border and illegal immigration, are more than just a few isolated incidents in communities around the country. A raid by ICE in Tennessee resulted in the arrest of 97 workers at a slaughterhouse. Those employers have not be charged, but new legislation may force employers such as this to pay restitution.

The sheer number of illegal aliens that cross the border every year makes this problem completely unsustainable, and violent cases of crime and drugs will grow as does the illegal population.

With the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, President Trump is now looking to Mexico to help end the caravans of people that flow into the United States along its southern border. Taking measures to stem illegal immigration is once again a central concern for the federal government, after years of Obama-era policies.

The Trump administration recently announced a new legislative push on immigration. The president stated that he does not want a humanitarian crisis or endless waves of illegal immigration. Many of his new policies are effective at discouraging migrants from entering the U.S. by limiting the promises of free money and healthcare.

The Justice Department has suspended the General Legal Orientation Program, which provided legal advice for undocumented aliens. President Trump has been adamant that he wants to close the loopholes that illegal immigrants use to manipulate the system when seeking asylum.

Despite the hardline policies of the administration, sanctuary cities and states along with employers who do not cooperate with law enforcement continue to enable and abet illegal aliens, including those who commit serious crimes.

California is finding that more cities want to opt-out of the state’s sanctuary laws, which prohibits state and local law enforcement from working with ICE. People want their communities to cooperate with federal authorities to remove illegal alien criminals from the streets.

As the issue gains more attention, companies must also decide if they are going to support law enforcement in order to protect the American public. The CEO of Facebook testified before the Senate Tuesday and defiantly stated that the company would not “proactively” work with ICE to identify illegal aliens that are living in the U. S.

Ann Coulter has been a vocal supporter of the president’s border initiatives. She recently stated that the president’s executive power gives him the full authority to complete the border wall, and pointed out that the new spending bill has allotted $4 billion to fight the opioid crisis, which is exacerbated by the open border with Mexico.

For Coulter, the crimes committed in the last month alone by violent DACA-aged illegal aliens are the direct result of unchecked immigration and is proof of the reality of the country’s dire need for a serious reform.

The United States needs to properly screen incoming migrants. A border wall would help regulate crime and drugs and relieve the overworked border patrol agents who struggle on a daily basis to do their job and survive.

Illegal alien criminals that are released back into the population by local law enforcement who fail to notify the federal authorities are putting their communities at risk. DACA-aged illegals are not all dreamers, who are trying to live according to the law of the land. Many foreign nationals have no desire to become Americans at all. Build the wall!