PUBLISHED: 7:41 PM 10 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 8:55 PM 10 Nov 2017

Mainstream Media Bias Showing As Cable Networks IGNORE Dem Trial 62 Days In

Menendez (pictured) is saying that is not guilty of bribery.

Menendez (pictured) is saying that is not guilty of bribery.

Menendez (pictured) is saying that is not guilty of bribery.

If Donald Trump makes an error, the MSM is all over the flaw before the action is even done, it seems. Take for example the time that German leader Angela Merkel heard the press wanting to photograph a handshake and Donald Trump did not hear her. The media was quick to pretend that Trump would not shake her hand, even though he already had. That kind of trickery and fake reporting is common from a leftwing-favoring media that is against American values.

The Daily Caller is reporting that when a Democrat is actually guilty of something important, however, there is a hush on NBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of the alphabet soup. U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is (after a 62-day trial that the unfair media would not touch) awaiting “a verdict Wednesday on whether or not” he “is guilty of corruption and bribery in a case that alleged he accepted lavish gifts in exchange for lobbying for his friend’s political interests.

Already, Menendez has missed a staggering number of Senate votes, and yet there is no mention of this fact, either. How can the networks attack any G.O.P. or Libertarian who would fail to show up at work over corruption trials yet not even whisper about it when a man with a “D” by his name does it?

The Media Research Center has discovered that “ABC World News Tonight,” “CBS Evening News,” and “NBC Nightly News” have not so much as uttered a peep about the trial.

Twenty-three million viewers tune into these networks combined, so it is not very hard to unearth just why they are doing this and who they are covering for. The Democratic Party is their golden goose and they won’t do anything to make it squawk.

CNN actually did a tad better when it came to coverage of the trial, but even when they covered it, the scandal got “36 minutes of their 24/7 broadcast” time. It doesn’t seem like the soon to be “Soros Network” is going to expose the truth much, either.

On a much larger level, this bias is seen in the fact that these networks are avoiding covering how the DNC is looking like the guilty party when it comes to the lies concerning Russia, Trump cheating with Putin, and the dossier of lies crafted by the former Britsh spy, Christopher Steele.

If the New Jersey Democrat gets let off, the media will only then talk about it.

If the New Jersey Democrat gets let off, the media will only then talk about it.

It is seen in the way that Trump is allowed to be called a racist for wanting to obey the law and how he is misreported on as the wows Asia during his visit to bring peace to the Orient.

It is good for America to be reminded of the fact that Democrats always get a free pass from the media. Even when they are brought to trial for their deeds, no one will hear about it because the left is a protected entity for the mainstream media.

This Menendez blackout only helps prove it further.

Source: The Daily Caller – The Media Research Center