Man Punches Self To Escape

PUBLISHED: 5:32 PM 25 Jan 2018

Maine Police Arrested A Man After He Punched Himself In The Face To Prevent Sobriety Test

With his car stuck in a ditch, the suspect was charged with falsifying evidence

This was an interesting way to try and get out of a DUI.

There are a lot of rumors about how to get of a D.U.I. arrest. In some states, it is (or was, state depending) legal to wait to take the breathalyzer test until an attorney was present. Other people have said that sucking on a copper penny works, which it does not, but still it is tried by people every day.

Even penny sucking seems brilliant compared to the idea birthed in the head of drinker Brian Fogg. According to Yahoo News, this D.U.I. suspect decided that the best way to preserve his 4th Amendment rights was to punch himself in the face to avoid taking a sobriety test.

While in his drunken fog, the man punched himself with a great force no less than three times, police in Maine have said.

The 27-year-old man was “stuck in a ditch” when authorities found him. Technically they could have allowed him to go home since he posing a threat to no one if he was not able to drive, but that did not happen. Any chance of that occurring was surely put to rest by the actions of Mr. Fogg.

When he was being tested, he struck himself so hard that he began to bleed. The cops had to tend to his injuries, so he was not tested.

While Fogg likely thought that he had gotten out of the arrest, he was still “charged him with operating under the influence, falsifying physical evidence and criminal mischief.

Today, the driver is out on bail and has declined to give a comment when contacted by Yahoo News.

Many of us feel that D.U.I.’s are handed out to people who are not intoxicated in any way, and this angers a lot of drivers. However, one of the reason’s why laws are so strict is because there are certainly people behind the wheel who should not be. This is a danger to everyone sharing the roads.

What Fogg and others do not understand is that there is a right way and a wrong way to plead for mercy in such instances. Sometimes, that mercy is granted, usually not. However, to act like a senseless individual with plenty to hide is not going to assist in the cause.

When Fogg appears before the judge, he is likely to understand this truth a lot more fully than he did on the night of his arrest.

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