PUBLISHED: 12:29 AM 7 Dec 2016

MAGA: Trump Makes Monumental Deal With Japan To Restore 50,000 American Jobs


“Winning shall continue until morale improves.”

Let’s take a little survey.

In the past six weeks, how many people have you seen “come around” to Donald Trump?

In other words, how many people in the past six weeks have you seen go from total hatred to grudging acceptance of Trump?

Or maybe just going from being skeptical of him to actually being impressed by him?

These could be people you see online, friends, family members, coworkers, or whoever.

Have you thought how many people yet?

In the past six weeks, I’ve seen roughly one dozen people “come around to” Trump, some in my family, most in my online social circles.

How is Trump doing it? He ‘warned’ us that we’d get tired of winning with him, and I’m not the only one who has actually felt like that now and then. Trump seems to overcome so many obstacles and get so many successful changes made that it’s genuinely a bit tiring to keep up with it all.

And in some cases these originally anti-Trump converts have come around because of one particular success of his–whether a cabinet pick or a surprise business deal or a brilliant tweet that deflates the bullying media once again–but in general I think there’s a more basic explanation for how Trump continues to win over his opponents.

He wins over our hearts because he shows that “his heart is in it.” At his age, with his level of wealth and success, he has no reason to take on the toughest, sometimes most thankless job in America. In fact, if he were “smart” (i.e., trying to live a happy, quiet life), he has every reason to run from the job, which is what all his haters said he would do one week, two weeks, one month, six months, one year… after he entered the race.

But he didn’t give up. He won the GOP nomination, and he kept pushing on to the presidential race against Hillary… which his haters said he was going to abandon two months, one months, one week, one day… before election night.

But he didn’t give up. He stuck it out–all the insults, threats, media accusations, public lies, business losses, and endless campaign traveling–he stuck it all out and he won.

By God, somehow, he actually won! Why? Because his heart was in it, is in it, and always will be in it!

If Trump only cared about himself, he would have turned his back on America, lived on his jet and his worldwide properties, and watched the America he loves go further and further down the drain, while her globalist enemies laughed from the sidelines.

But his heart was too much in it just to walk away. That’s the problem with love: sometimes it’s very inconvenient.

Fast forward about two years and here we are. Winning with Trump. And winning with no end in sight.

Last month it was getting Ford to keep plants here in America and a virtual pledge from Apple to begin production in the USA (again?).

Last week it was saving 1,000 jobs at the Carrier plant in Indiana.

This morning it was Trump telling Boeing to “cancel the deal” they had on a bid to make a new 747 Air Force One. Why? Because he wants the only Air Force One? Because of political revenge? Nope. Simply because he saw a bad deal and couldn’t let it slide at America’s expense.

It was the latest example of Trump using his podium, often via brief Twitter messages, to rattle companies and foreign countries as he seeks to shake up business as usual in Washington.

Trump, who has vowed to use his skills as a businessman to make good deals that benefit American taxpayers, then made a surprise appearance in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York, where he amplified his comments.

“The plane is totally out of control. I think it’s ridiculous. I think Boeing is doing a little bit of a number. We want Boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money,” he told reporters.

And this afternoon?

A measly 50,000 American jobs are coming our way, and Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

When I saw this tweet, it didn’t ‘register’ at first. I literally could not believe my eyes. Wasn’t Trump too busy deciding about his cabinet to do “side deals” like this? And then my brain caught up with my eyes. He wasn’t “in talks with” Softbank: he had already sealed the $50,000,000,000 deal!

As if that weren’t enough, look at how “simple” he made the whole thing look:


No frills, no fancy speechifying; just hard numbers and official signatures, caught on live satellite news.

What a relief Trump must be to actual businessmen at Softbank, Ford, Apple, Carrier, and other companies. No “pussyfooting” with politically correct hiring quotas or complex symbolism to entertain the mainstream media. Just hard numbers and official signatures. To paraphrase something Einstein said, “Everything should be as simple as possible–but no simpler.” The contract signed today is a perfect example of “simple but not too simple.”

Obviously, an army of lawyers will sort out and compose all the fine print, but the point–the reality–is that Trump closed a $50,000,000,000 investment deal with Japan in order to create 50,000 jobs in America. When is the last time Obama has achieved anything that concrete and that positive? (If you say Solyndra, you might be part of the problem.)


Read ’em and weep, globalist shills! #MAGA

Incredible as all of this sounds, it’s true, and, more important, it’s just one more sign of things to come. This deal did not come from some political lobby or on the advice of some Manhattan marketing company. It came from Trump’s heart. Softbank wanted to make a deal, and Trump wants to Make America Great Again. And thus they we see a deal made in–well, not in Heaven, but in Trump Tower.