Maduro Demands

PUBLISHED: 4:28 PM 6 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 6:53 PM 6 Aug 2018

Maduro Claims Assassination Attempt, Demands Columbian And American Cooperation

After surviving what he claimed was a drone-borne assassination attempt, Maduro declared that it was carried out by the 'far-right' in his country and claimed there were American and Columbian ties to the violence.

Maduro claimed he survived a drone 'assassination attempt' this weekend and demanded that the United States and Columbia help him bring the 'criminals' to justice.

To say that Venezuela has been ‘adversarial’ toward the United States in recent years would be an understatement. After all, it seems that much of what their government has to say about its woes, from the ongoing violence in the nation, the starvation of its people, and the absurd levels of inflation and poverty that are spreading through the nation, are, according to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, somehow the fault of the United States.

Now, however, after a claimed assassination attempt on Maduro and his wife, the socialist dictator is looking to the United States for help with the crackdown against his political enemies and alleged assailants. Is he simply trying to get America to do his dirty work? After he survived the ‘assassination attempt’ in a ‘shield of love,’ he appears to be blaming the ‘extreme right’ for an entirely unconfirmed attack. Now, after years of blaming America for his problem, he’s demanding help from President Trump?

The story, as told by the would-be Venezuelan strongman leader, is that he was attacked by some sort of drone while he was overseeing a military parade in Caracas, the nation’s capital city on Saturday.

He claimed that a ‘flying device’ exploded in front of his eyes while he was addressing said parade on live TV.

The television footage showed nothing of the sort, however, and was cut immediately after the alleged attack.

Indeed, it appears that no one who posted footage or images from the event managed to take a picture of these airborne drones.

Three fire officials at the scene even disputed Maduro’s version of events and said that rather than some sort of assassination attempt involving explosive drones or missiles, it was little more than a gas tank explosion from inside the Residencias Don Eduardo.

After the incident, whatever it was, smoke could be seen billowing out from a window at the site of the explosion.

Maduro wasted no time in declaring that it had been an assault on his life, however, providing an impassioned retelling of the events that led him to being rushed away by armed guards with bulletproof shields.

He immediately identified the assailants as being related to a Venezuelan far-right political party and suggested that they had backing from a far-right group in neighboring Columbia, as well as Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos.

He even suggested that they had backing from the United States, specifically from individuals in the state of Florida.

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez claimed that several drones loaded with explosives detonated near the presidential platform and that those involved were being detained by the government.

Officials claimed that the ‘dissidents’ used two M600 drones and loaded them each with two-pound bags of explosives.

However, it was determined that this would have caused injury and “damage up to 160 feet away from” the site of the explosion, which would not only mean a much greater number of people injured and killed, but also a much more noticeable explosion than what occurred.

A little-known group of individuals called the ‘National Movement of Soldiers in T-Shirts’ claimed responsibility for the attack.

U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton said that the United States government had absolutely nothing to do with the incident, whatever the truth behind it may have been.

Military expert Rocio San Miguel had an interesting theory about what really happened.

According to her, she suspected that the military lost control of a drone.

Rather than risk it hitting the presidential stage, they destroyed it.

Bolton, on the other hand, suggested that the corrupt Maduro government could be behind the whole thing, even suggesting that it could be a “pretext” for various corrupt actions.

Others have suggested that the ‘attack’ could be an attempt to divert attention away from Venezuela’s failed economy, horrific starvation, and other issues facing the nation.

Some even suspect that the claims of an attack are an attempt to purge political enemies.

Thus far, the Maduro government has reported that it arrested six people in connection with the assault.

So far, it seems that there is not much evidence that there was actually an attack, other than claims from a government that has sought to blame others for its problems for years.

Others have suggested that the claims are nothing more than the precursor to yet another crackdown on people who oppose the president, his policies, and his methods.

Perhaps most interesting of all, however, after Maduro’s own soldiers fled the area in what he called a “shield of love” that saved his life, one of the statements the Venezuelan leader made was that Donald Trump and the U.S. should export various political opponents who allegedly planned the attack.

The Venezuelan government gave no names nor any specifics of who they believed had planned the attack in the United States, though Bolton did offer to turn over individuals if Maduro’s government ever provided information to back up their accusations.