The Smoking Gun

PUBLISHED: 7:15 PM 26 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 9:46 PM 26 Jun 2018

Lynch Promised Clinton FBI Won’t ‘Go Too Far’

Evidence that Loretta Lynch obstructed the Hillary Clinton email probe, promised it ‘won’t go too far’ is sitting in FBI files and Congress already knows about it. Is this what DOJ bigwigs are braving ‘contempt of Congress’ over?

A document that Congress already knows exists but hasn’t seen could turn out to be the conclusive proof that everyone has been waiting for, validating that bias and corruption stretched to the top level of the Justice Department.

Congressional deadlines have repeatedly come and gone while the Department of Justice tries to play “hide the ball” with Clinton server investigation records. The DOJ has been firmly ordered to provide them to various watchdog committees and they’re turning them loose in drips, the harmless ones first.

Is one of those delayed documents the “smoking gun” testimony proving that Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, promised the political director of Hillary Clinton’s campaign that the FBI wouldn’t “go too far” with the email server probe? New York Post reporter Paul Sperry thinks so.

The document that Congress already knows exists but hasn’t seen could turn out to be the conclusive proof that everyone has been waiting for, validating that bias and corruption stretched to the top level of the Justice Department. Maybe even higher.

It would decisively establish that Loretta Lynch intentionally obstructed the investigation to protect Hillary Clinton.

“BREAKING: IG Horowitz testifies material implicating Lynch in possible obstruction of Hillary email case is contained in the classified section of his report and that he will work with Congress to declassify it,” Sperry recently Tweeted. “Here is the smoking gun …”

He linked to an article he wrote last year, reporting that the document confirms Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) “claimed Lynch had been in private communication with a senior Clinton campaign staffer named Amanda Renteria during the campaign.”

The FBI got hold of “a piece of purported analysis by Russian intelligence” in the form of an email supposedly written Schultz, “sent to Leonard Benardo, an official with the Open Society Foundations, an organization founded by billionaire George Soros and dedicated to promoting democracy.”

The Russian document did not contain a copy of the email, but it described some of the contents of the purported message.

The document “indicated Lynch had told Renteria that she would not let the FBI investigation into Clinton go too far.” When James Comey confronted her about the document when it turned up in the files, Lynch asked Comey “to leave her office.”

Loretta Lynch was concerned about her job security and was hoping to be kept on as Attorney General. She knew that would never happen unless Hillary Clinton was a happy camper on election night. Going to prison is a tough campaign hurdle to jump.

“Floor Action” has been promised this week to determine if the top leaders of the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation will be found in contempt of Congress, censured, or removed through “impeachment” for not turning over key records.

As Sperry mentioned in his tweet, the details are buried in the classified section of Michael Horowitz’ report but his testimony to Congress last week gave enough clues to indicate that is what he was referring to.

The entry would explain disgraced FBI Director James Comey’s public testimony that Lynch “wanted him to refer to the Clinton probe as a matter, not an investigation.

It also sheds new light on the notorious “snakes on a plane” tarmac meeting that Loretta Lynch had with Bill Clinton in Phoenix, Arizona in June of 2016, just before Comey’s big announcement conveniently clearing Hillary Clinton of all criminal charges.

Lynch and Bill Clinton both swear up and down that the meeting happened totally by accident. Nobody believes that.

Clinton told FBI investigators when he was interviewed about it, that he just “didn’t want to be rude” so jaunted over to say hello when he found out their planes were parked on the same tarmac.

What he was careful not to testify is that being well versed in government protocol, he waited until just the moment that Lynch’s staff proceeded her off the plane, following official procedure, to approach and board. A move calculated to catch Lynch alone, or at least without her office staff around. Her husband stayed on the plane too.

Security kept everyone else out, including a Lynch staffer.

Just to say hello took Bill Clinton half an hour. It was the one and only time Loretta Lynch ever had a meeting with anyone on her plane. Two security details had to be coordinated. Not only were they left standing in 107-degree Arizona heat, the FBI security team working for Lynch “banned cameras, even phones, from her meeting with Clinton.”

As Mr. Sperry points out, “If the purpose was a greeting, why wouldn’t a phone call do?”

Maybe because Bill Clinton really meant to remind Lynch that she promised Hillary to keep the investigation tightly canned. He also could have been there to confirm the arrangement to keep her on as head of the Department of Justice, provided Hillary wasn’t behind bars by then.

Another reason is that just the fact the meeting happened was enough to force Lynch to step away from the inquiry by recusing herself.

Bill could have spent half an hour talking meaningless nonsense as they claim. The fact that nobody really knows for sure what they talked about was enough to do the trick.

That dumped the hot potato into James Comey’s lap. Lynch already knew by then that Comey and the FBI Clinton fan club were ready, willing, and able to sweep all the dirt neatly under the rug, and had made the decision to do exactly that a month before, without even interviewing Hillary yet.

Comey “was insubordinate,” Inspector General Horowitz reports, when he failed to consult with other top-ranking members of the Justice Department before announcing Hillary Clinton had done no wrong. Comey had Lynch’s approval to put out the word, that was all he felt he needed. Hillary was just careless.