CNN Airport Monopoly

PUBLISHED: 9:37 PM 23 Mar 2018

Lucrative Contracts Force Air Travel Passengers To Watch Liberal News

CNN has contracts with many major airports.

Left-wing network CNN has successfully monopolized airport televisions.

To conservatives, it can feel as if the country is mostly composed of and run by liberals. This is not true, as America is thankfully being led by Republican President Donald Trump, however, it was admittedly the ‘silent’ majority which elected him.

Liberals are significantly more vocal in intolerantly expressing their beliefs, and the media is a direct reflection of this. It is not a conservative illusion, however, but has been proven. Specifically, it has been discovered that airports are paid by liberal network CNN to broadcast its content constantly in a form of monopoly which has passengers fed up.

A derivative of the major network, CNN Airport was specifically designed to be constantly providing public news to air travel passengers. While it has admittedly been in existence long before “competitors MSNBC and Fox News,” that was also before news stations became overly liberal.

In the most recent years, CNN has featured only left-wing content with it specifically focusing on criticizing the Commander in Chief who rightfully calls it ‘fake news.’

It has been recently noted, however, that CNN is seemingly monopolizing the television screens in airports throughout the country.

This has caused many travelers to start ‘online petitions’ to force airports to change the channel.

Dan Gainor, vice president for the Media Research Center argues that President Trump’s presidency has caused a significant political rift and that travelers should not have liberal news imposed upon them in public places, regardless of political preference.

However, it is not a coincidence that CNN appears more often in airports; airports are being paid lucratively to do so, some of which have contracts with the network.

In return for playing its biased content, CNN reportedly pays for “TVs and related infrastructure” in airports, yet, in some places, only permits airports six minutes during each hour in which it may play material to “promote the airport or local attractions.”

It was reported that an eight-year contract between CNN and the Miami International Airport yielded the travel organization “a maximum guarantee of $150,000” for it to air CNN Airport.

Tucker Carlson from Fox News joked that “Airports feel like a lesser version of hell with dirty seats, overpriced food, and propaganda posing as news on CNN.”

The sub-network, CNN Airport reportedly reaches an estimated 323 million travelers each year.

It is disturbing to see CNN favored in this way, however, also so considering that CNN Airport is a censored version of the major network.

The airport version removes select graphic content and places a heavier emphasis on reporting “sports and weather.” While some travelers may appreciate this, CNN Airport controversially omits any stories regarding airline mishaps and tragedies as to not alarm passengers.

Additionally, CNN Airport also alters its advertising to feature business professionals and travelers and more heavily advertises for travel commodities such as rental cars and hotels.

However, other news networks may take part of the blame for the CNN monopoly in airports, as some feature CNN as their last resort. Apparently, airports must request permission from a news platform in order to air content. If there is no response from competing news teams, then airports, such as the Salt Lake City International Airport, have been stuck with CNN.

Surprisingly, being that it is in a liberal community, the San Francisco International Airport announced that beginning in April, it will no longer air CNN at its facility. It is, however, claiming the reason for termination to be because of the fact that nearly all travelers have smartphones with Internet capabilities and the need for a constantly televised news feed is obsolete.

However, in Atlanta, Georgia, where the CNN headquarters is located, CNN will continue to dominate the screens at its local airport. By no coincidence, CNN pays “the city of Atlanta” about “$160,000 per year.”

Spokespersons for the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport had nothing to say regarding this relationship.

Avid travelers have apparently noticed the monopolizing CNN Airport trend for years, with some teasing that ‘the network’s only viewers are waiting for a flight.’

Hopefully, this recent revelation will open more Americans’ eyes to the liberal takeover in the media and will be an indication of the infiltration of corresponding fake news leaking into society.

A pop culture blogger Gary Holmes vented about the excessive CNN coverage in airports.

“You can’t go 15 minutes without some CNN analyst observing what an idiot the president is.”

He also agreed with the San Francisco airport’s claims that smartphones and open Internet Wi-Fi at airports is sufficient enough in keeping travelers informed.

He continues that from a businesses standpoint, airports are in unethical contracts with news networks which do not consider “the mental health of travelers,” but only the “bottom line.”

If that all is not enough to convince viewers that they are unknowingly being bombarded by the liberal media, it has also been reported that airport employees are not even able to adjust the volume of TVs and are forced to be exposed to the infamous fake news station alongside suffering travelers.