Lt. Gov. Admits Encounter

PUBLISHED: 4:39 PM 5 Feb 2019

Lt. Gov. Admits ‘Consensual’ Encounter With Accuser

After blasting the accusations made against him this weekend as un-credible, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax admitted to reporters yesterday that he had ‘consensual’ relations with his accuser.

Lt. Gov. Fairfax admitted yesterday that he had an encounter with the victim, but that her claims are false because she was 'spurned.'

Politics in Virginia are just getting worse and worse. After the KKK/Blackface picture scandal rocked Gov. Ralph Northam and led to a massive outcry for his resignation, the man primed to take over, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax was embroiled in a sexual assault claim.

Fairfax immediately denied the allegations, claiming the Washington Post backed him up and could not find credible evidence of the assault. The newspaper then came out and said that it was a case of ‘he said, she said,’ and not one of evidence. Of course, that didn’t stop them from publishing similar allegations about Brett Kavanaugh, but media bias is just a sideline here.

However, yesterday, Fairfax admitted that he did indeed have a ‘consensual’ sexual encounter with his accuser, and he’s just a victim of a political ‘smear.’

Surrounded by reporters at the State Capitol in Richmond, Fairfax claimed that the 2004 encounter with the victim was a one-night stand, purely consensual, and that his accuser was a spurred lover, not a rape victim.

Of course, the ‘believe all women’ mantra never applies to democrats.

“Everything was 100 percent consensual. Not only that, the same person called me sometime later and wanted to meet with me, wanted to come visit me [and] wanted me to meet her mother,” said Mr. Fairfax, a Democrat.

So now, “Mr. Fairfax and the woman agree that the sexual encounter took place in a hotel room in Boston when both were campaign staffers at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.”

Attributing sinister motivations to his accuser, Mr. Fairfax invoked the bible as his defense and said he used the “armor of God” that “allows us to deal with the devil’s schemes and tricks.”

Fairfax is poised to become governor if Ralph Northam steps down.

Northam was outed in a yearbook photo allegedly showing him as one of two people dressed as a Klu Klux Klan member and another in Blackface.

“Mr. Northam apologized Friday and admitted taking part in the photo, though he did not say whether he was in blackface or the KKK robes and hood. At a bizarre press conference Saturday, he said that on closer inspection he realized that he had never participated in such a photo and had never before seen the image or the yearbook.

“The governor admitted that in 1984 he put a small amount of black shoe polish on his face while dressed as Michael Jackson for a dance contest, which he won.”

Of course, he wouldn’t demonstrate the moonwalk, on the advice of his wife.

The calls for his resignation have been persistent, and although he did meet with top administration officials on Monday, he has adamantly declared that he won’t resign.

Mr. Fairfax stopped short of calling for his boss’s resignation because of his “unique position,” he said.

“I believe the governor has to make the decision that is in the best interest of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and I know there are many others who have called on him to resign,” Fairfax claimed.

Concerning his own scandal, the victim told the Washington Post that what began as consensual kissing turned into Fairfax forcing her to perform oral sex.

However, Fairfax claimed that’s not true. “I was 25 years old, unmarried, a campaign staffer at the time. We hit it off,” he told reporters.

“She was very interested in me and so eventually at one point, we ended up going to my hotel room. This is 2004. She is very much into a consensual encounter and even admits in the story there is consensual activity going on.”

So much for the MeToo claim supporting all victims.