PUBLISHED: 9:59 PM 5 Jan 2018

Lowest Enrollment Since 2010, Trump Transforming Obama’s Welfare Nation

Obama wanted a nation dependent on him, President Trump wants to make them independent.

Obama wanted a nation dependent on him, President Trump wants to make them independent.

Liberals don’t want to hear it. Democrats refuse to even whisper about it. Despite their denials, President Trump is winning and that means that so is America. The Dow Jones is up and unemployment is down. Companies are investing in the U.S. and many are receiving bonuses in a trickle-down effect.

That isn’t all and this one will make liberals upset on a whole other level. The number of citizens on food stamp assistance, otherwise known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) dropped by more than two million. This represents the lowest enrollment since 2010, a clear sign that President Trump is transforming Obama’s welfare nation.

The data released by the Department of Agriculture is revealing.

The number of SNAP participants dropped from 44,219,363 in 2016 to a seven-year low of 42,182,443 in 2017, a decline of just over two million.

These winning numbers mean more than a lot of people realize. If people can’t afford to pay for their own food, someone has to and that usually means other taxpayers. Under President Richard Nixon the SNAP program cost Americans around $250 million for about 2.8 million recipients.

That cost peaked under (surprise, surprise) Obama when 48 million recipients cost the nation nearly $80 billion in 2013.

The declining number can be attributed to several factors. The improving economy is certainly one. More jobs mean fewer people on unemployment and need assistance to purchase food.

Adding work requirements to receive food stamps also helps and is another point of contention for liberals. Some states have begun implementing other policies including those like Wisconsin has put in place. In that state, food stamp recipients must submit to drug testing.

All of these positive improvements have an effect on related programs, either directly or indirectly. It is important to recognize that and also remember that each time President Trump makes a decision, big or small, it is making an impact. For the most part, those have been incredibly beneficial.

As a bonus, one of those has been making liberals angry.

Source: Fox News