PUBLISHED: 10:56 PM 12 Oct 2017

Louisiana Sheriff Abandons Ford As Automaker Reveals Decision On NFL Protests

Sheriff Julian Whittington is simply doing what he feels is right.

Sheriff Julian Whittington is simply doing what he feels is right.

Sheriff Julian Whittington is simply doing what he feels is right.

There have been many reports detailing the fallout of the NFL’s National Anthem protests. Despite their egotistical belief that kneeling during a time of respect might have “social” changes, all it has done is make people angry and begin the downfall of the sport.

The effects of the league’s’ decision are further reaching than just the players, owners, and fans, everyone is getting involved. The ire of Americans is fierce and Louisiana Sheriff Julian Whittington is taking a stand and abandoning Ford as the automaker comes out in support of the NFL protests.

Ford Motors is a major sponsor of the NFL in many ways including advertising. When all of this season’s protests began in September, they were one of many sponsors who issued statements. Theirs read;

“We respect individuals’ rights to express their views, even if they are not ones we share. That’s part of what makes America great.”

The sheriff's full letter to Ford.

The sheriff’s full letter to Ford.

It is unclear if they will stand behind that statement as this great country lets Ford know their views. Sheriff Whittington of the Bossier Sheriff’s Office penned a letter to the Ford dealership his office does business with;

“Ford has been a part of American history, and has stood for American values,” he wrote. “However, the recent events surrounding the NFL, its players and their audacity to thumb their collective noses at the American Flag, the American military as well as their obvious disdain for the profession of law enforcement in general; forces me to take a stand.”

His stand will hit the company in a place they might understand, the wallet. The sheriff’s fleet of almost 300 vehicles are mainly Fords, or at least they were. He writes;

The Bossier Sheriff’s Office will no longer Ford products as long as Ford sides with those who have no regard for the men and women who protect and serve this great nation.” He agrees that the NFL players and Ford have a right to their opinions but “Bossier Sheriff’s Office and the taxpayers of Bossier Parish have a right to spend our money elsewhere.”

Wonderful news!

Wonderful news!

Sheriff’s Whittington’s protest may seem small. Ford Motors will likely not feel the loss of his sales. The point is the meaning behind it and the fact that others may feel the need to do the same. Eventually Ford, and hopefully the NFL will get the point.

Source: Automotive News