Pro-Gun Bill Advances

PUBLISHED: 9:07 PM 3 May 2018
UPDATED: 12:40 PM 4 May 2018

Louisiana House Passes Bizarre Bill Allowing More Guns On School, College Campuses

The state is giving citizens more power to defend themselves in the likelihood of an attack.

Louisiana state Senate passes new bill to offer more gun rights.

The Louisiana state House of Representatives passed a major bill on Wednesday that has left both sides of the political aisle stunned over one strange condition, according to

If signed into law, the bill would allow visitors to carry firearms at K-12 schools and on college campuses if they have a concealed weapons permit, but employees and students would be prohibited. The bill, sponsored by Republican state Rep. Blake Miguez, will move to the Senate for a vote.

However, Miguez’s proposal is contingent on a parish-by-parish popular vote, meaning visitors on campus and school property would only be able to carry a firearm if the parish approved the measure.

Miguez wants to give more power to each community to make their own laws and decisions. But the move has surprised both sides because, frankly, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

In theory, giving communities more power over their own laws doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But in practice, it could cause serious legal issues for law-abiding citizens.

A legal gun owner may be able to carry a gun on a school or university campus in one area, but not in another that may be just up the road.

It could have major legal ramifications for those who don’t have time to remember the laws for the hundreds of parishes in Louisiana.

The legislation would allow school and university authorities to forbid visitors from bringing firearms into certain buildings or venues.

Then, the parish school boards would be able to place certain limitations on where a person can bring a gun. For example, a parish could prohibit a person from bringing a firearm into a sporting event or a classroom.

Democrats, of course, outright oppose the bill because they don’t support anything that involves allowing gun owners to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms. But republican lawmakers do support the bill, but don’t understand why Miguez worded it in a way that further complicates the issue.
Citizens have every right to legally carry a firearm. The Second Amendment will always guarantee that. So why not just simply state that citizens can legally carry a gun on school or university property? Why pass a bill that allows the schools to make one rule and then each parish can pass another?
If we want a bill that gives more freedom to citizens, then do it. Miguez took a simple concept and made it far more complicated than it needed to be.
Fortunately, the state Senate can reword the language and perhaps pass a major bill that gives Americans more freedom to protect themselves in the likelihood of an attack.