Knife Reform Signed

PUBLISHED: 6:14 PM 5 Jun 2018

Louisiana Governor Signs ‘Knife Reform’

The bill has been on the books since 1956.

Banned no more. The switchblade is once again legal in Louisiana.

While some backward thinking leaders in many nations are pushing for a knife ban, some with more prudent minds are suggesting the opposite. The people deserve to have the means to defend themselves and for some, that means a knife. Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana understands this completely and silently “signed HB 892 into law,” according to Ammoland.

Now that the bill is signed, along with 79 others, it becomes ACT 341, “which reforms Louisiana knife law, removing a 1950’s era ban on switchblades.”

The main reason that the popular knives were banned, to begin with, had to do with scaremongering and “a propaganda campaign initiated in New York by Congressman James J. Delaney.” More and more states are waking up to the fact that this ban was nothing but a stepping stone issue used by a restrictive member of Congress a generation ago.

More and more states are moving to end the banning of switchblades, and most likely, this will have only a very small effect on anything, one way or the other.

Those who don’t know how to use a knife won’t do any better or worse if it has a spring in it, after all.

That said, there are a lot of collectors and others who prefer the handy weapons. Switchblades take up less room when carried and they are less likely to injure the person carrying them than standard knives are.

As for these kinds of knives being deadlier than other knives, that notion is utter nonsense. A letter opener or a regular pen can be just as deadly as nicest blade ever crafted in any style. That is why items such as these are monitored in prisons, for example.

This will surely anger those leftists who are begging to see knives banned.

Already, London‘s mayor and many others have talked about the idea of bringing Big Brother into to look at everyone’s knife collection. As with guns, everyone is aware where such meddling leads.

Soon people will have to apply for licenses to have a new Ginsu Set. As also is the case with guns when they are banned, soon only criminals would have knives and crime would soar far higher if these weapons were taken out of the people’s hands.

Thankfully, that won’t be the case in Louisiana thanks to the wise actions of Governor Edwards.