Looters Term ‘Off Limits’

PUBLISHED: 4:31 PM 24 Nov 2021

Looters Term Is “Off Limits” … Cultural Marxism Redefines Illegal Armed Pillaging

You know… actually using the correct word is racist or something.

The left has a vested interest in protecting evil, crime, and chaos. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Cultural Marxism isn’t a vague idea… it’s a real and active form of oppression and deception.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

At first I thought this was a parody of news media outlooks.  However, once I saw the article [ABC News] I realized it was not a spoof; it’s very real.

The San Francisco news desk of ABC7 actually has a position called “race and social justice reporter” who claims the term “looting” is a politically and culturally incorrect way to describe the looting that has been taking place over the past several days.  However, I’m not exactly sure of the journalist’s qualifications for reporting, because he also claims not to be able to see the race of the people doing the actual looting.

… In order for the ideological leftists to continue advancing their insane ideology, they have to pretend not to know things. Race and social justice reporter Julian Glover is certainly proving that point by pretending not to see who is doing the robberies.