Trump Looks To 2020

PUBLISHED: 11:15 PM 27 Feb 2018

Lookout 2020: Trump Names Campaign Manager For Next Presidential Run

This is the earliest that a president has declared their intention for the next election.

Donald Trump has announced his plan to run for re-election to the highest office in the land, announcing a record 980 days before the election will be held. Hopefully, he will see his way to four more years!

Normally, incumbent presidents of the United States of America do not announce their desire to seek the office again until the last two years of their term, and usually, they wait until they’re about a year and a half out from the election.

In a shocking move, President Donald J. Trump announced his bid for re-election to the highest office in the land on February 27, 2018. Apparently, the re-election paperwork was filed on Inauguration Day.

It was not unexpected that President Trump would run for re-election. After all, he’s the incumbent, and he has a decent record thus far to run on.

What is record-breaking, however, is that he announced his candidacy 980 days before the election. To put that into perspective, Obama announced 582 days before the election.

Heading up President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is Brad Parscale, who will be the campaign manager for the 2020 effort.

It’s not Parscale’s first time working with a campaign for President Trump, either.

Back when the President was spending his time working on his real estate, Parscale designed a few websites for him.

Then, in the 2016 election season, Parscale was something of a ‘secret weapon’ for President Trump’s campaign, making use of social media, mostly Facebook, to push the President.

He worked as the digital director for the 2016 campaign, and he is credited with getting the President’s message out on the various social media networks.

There are a variety of reasons that the president may have decided to do this.,

To begin with, it allows him to form campaign teams and to begin the process of raising money for his campaigns. The 2016 campaigns saw over a BILLION dollars spent on campaigning, and the Democrat National Committee is still in debt a few million.

It also allows for Donald Trump’s campaign to spend time putting out advertisements to debunk things that the media is saying about Donald Trump. Press coverage of the president is overwhelmingly negative, according to a recent Harvard study.

Even press coverage on Fox News, long believed to be a conservative outlet, has been 52% negative.


Both Eric Trump and Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son and son-in-law respectively, said that Brad Parscale was essential in their victory in 2016 and that they believe he will be a fantastic leader to help build toward a second term.

Parscale has been quoted in interviews stating that the secret to President Trump’s victory in 2016 was Facebook and Twitter.

He even went so far as to say that he thought that, under his leadership, the Trump campaign managed to utilize social media better than any campaign that had come before.

Brad Parscale has also stood firm with the President in the midst of the Mueller special investigation into alleged ‘Russian collusion.’

He willingly submitted to an interview with investigators last fall concerning the allegations of collusion with a foreign power.

On his Twitter page, Parscale stated that there was nothing unusual about his digital media strategy. Further, he pointed out that the media strategy utilized by Donald Trump’s campaign team was nothing new, and that the same strategy is used by corporations all across the country every single day.

He also stated that there was no collusion with an outside government and that the only ‘help’ the campaign received was staff provided by Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Other campaigns received the same kind of ‘help.’

The bigger question is whether or not anyone, even someone as adept as Brad Parscale, can lead the campaign to victory.

President Donald Trump has done many things very well.  He has passed an overwhelmingly popular tax reform bill, for example.

He has also had many victories when it comes to foreign policy, including the almost complete destruction of ISIS, which went from holding on to much of Iraq and Syria to controlling a portion of a city in Syria.

Further, the economy is booming and consumer confidence is on the upswing.

However, President Trump has also faced very stiff resistance from leftists and the media.

Democrat politicians, in particular, have spent much of the last year complaining about everything that Trump has done, even going so far as to call the tax reform bill ‘apocalyptic.’

It will be interesting to see if Brad Parscale can work his magic and lead President Trump to a second term. Even more interesting may be the response from leftists if he can.

However, starting a campaign this far out and already announcing a campaign director suggests that President Trump is very confident in Brad Parscale and in his chances at re-election.