PUBLISHED: 2:58 PM 31 Dec 2016

Literal Invasion: Germany Overwhelmed As Migrant Refugees Invite Full Family And Relatives

Refugee Population in Germany About to Double

Refugee Population in Germany About to Double

Refugee Population in Germany About to Double

Germany’s vice president of the parliament (the Bundestag) says that Germany’s migrant population could quickly double as refugees take advantage of family reunification laws.

According to Johannes Singhammer of the CSU party, the relatives of refugees already in the country will put more strain on Germany than the number of new refugees.

Nearly all Syrians have been recognized as refugees, and would be entitled to bring family members to join them. The German taxpayer covers the entire expense of transporting, housing, and feeding all family members of each migrant who manages to make it into the country.

“The local authorities are faced with an extraordinarily great challenge. There may not be enough living space, teachers, or educators at some point,” says Singhammer. “We have to do everything we can to ensure integration.”

“The burden of family members’ immigration could be higher in the immediate future than the burden of newly arriving Syrian refugees,” said Singhammer. “According to my information from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees it is estimated that each recognized Syrian refugee will name at least one family member (for reunification).”

What is not clear is why integration must be ensured, if the goal is only to temporarily shelter the refugees until it is safe for them to return to their home countries.

Germany saw a record two million foreign migrants arrive in 2015, up from 1.3 million in 2014. Some 428,000 of them are thought to be Syrian asylum-seekers.

The Line of Migrants Has No End

The Line of Migrants Has No End

Germany’s federal office for refugees and immigration (BAMF) expects each Syrian to bring at least one family member over – although they admit that rules allow for the refugees to bring entire families.

The estimation was arrived at by accounting for factors such as age and number of children. Spouses, children, and parents of unaccompanied minors are all expected to arrive.

A more likely scenario is that each of the young fighting-aged males who have entered Germany under “refugee” status will attempt to bring 3 – 6 additional family members to join them, and that’s a conservative estimate. Consider that the average Syrian family size is 6.3. Muslim men often have multiple wives, and see it as their religious duty to have as many children as possible. Add these to the mouths that German taxpayers will be expected to feed.

Average Size of a Syrian Family

Average Size of a Syrian Family

Development Minister Gerd Mueller (CSU) pointed out that Europe must be humanitarian, but they can’t take everyone. “If we consider every place in the world where human dignity is trampled, it would certainly be more than a billion people. This makes it clear that we can not solve the problems by accepting all refugees,” said Müeller to the German Press Agency.

The rift between Merkel’s CDU (Christian Democrats) and the CSU (Christian Socialists) have been widening since the migrant crisis started getting worse.

CSU boss Horst Seehofer made it clear that his party insists on introducing a ceiling for asylum seekers. “Family reunification is necessary for integration and security. That is also why we are in favor of an upper limit of 200,000 refugees a year, “said the Bavarian minister.

Seehofer said he was surprised that Chancellor Angela Merkel had spoken out against a ceiling at a recent civic conference in Münster. For many weeks they had been “in a very sensible conversation” about placing a cap on migrant numbers.

Embattled German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Embattled German Chancellor Angela Merkel

“This is another setback, which is avoidable and unnecessary,” said Seehofer in Munich. “Now that the Chancellor has brought the issue back into the forefront, the CSU would have to show its supporters that we definitely stick to the upper limit,” he said.

In the past he has said that a limit on refugee numbers is a prerequisite for a joint coalition agreement between the CSU and CDU. He recently clarified his position: “The upper limit is a key element of it. Those who say that the upper limit will be an integral part of the coalition agreement have understood correctly. It is about my credibility,” said Seehofer.

He went on to accuse Angela Merkel of lacking political will, for her weak-kneed stance on setting a hard limit on refugees. “If politics wants something, on the grounds of our constitution, then one can do it. There is nothing at all that cannot be achieved, realistically,” said Seehofer. “However, the meeting of the sister parties in January or at the beginning of February should be held. We are all professionals in politics and not in the kindergarten, but I can only speak for the CSU, not for the CDU,” he said.

If Merkel is not able to maintain her coalition with the Christian Social Union going into next year’s federal elections, she may be in trouble. She already faces a growing tide of anger over what many perceive as disastrous handling of the migrant crisis.

Anti-Merkel Chorus Grows Louder

Anti-Merkel Chorus Grows Louder

These days, most of the so-called asylum-seekers are not even coming from war-torn Syria. They are swarming into Europe from regions that are not experiencing any unusual military conflicts, driven by tales of generous welfare benefits.

The majority of the refugees in Bavaria are now Africans. Horst Seehofer therefore called for agreements with the states of North Africa to be able to return rejected asylum-seekers there.

Since the coup attempt in summer in Turkey, more asylum claims by Turkish citizens are also recorded, including 80 percent Kurds. A total of 5166 asylum applications from Turks were received so far in 2016.

In German embassies abroad there is a large backlog of applications, which is being worked through slowly. Estimates of how many family members will actually follow are uncertain, because the total number of new refugees is still unknown.

Left-wing politicians claim that it is essential for the integration of refugees that relatives be allowed to reunite in the country, so that they no longer have to be concerned about the family members that they left behind in the crisis area.

The AfD Party Could be Germany's Last Hope

The AfD Party Could be Germany’s Last Hope

What this amounts to is chain-migration, or backdoor amnesty. It’s been the same in Obama’s America. While he encourages more illegal immigrants to pour into the country, the numbers we are being told about are only the tip of the iceberg.

For each refugee or immigrant that gains residency status, we can expect several more to come later, taking advantage of the generous family laws. Those relatives who show up will be granted automatic residency and welfare benefits, by extension.

Combined with the so-called “anchor baby” provision, which grants birthright citizenship to anyone born inside the United States, it’s a recipe for demographic replacement over the course of just a few generations.