Page Outs FBI Cover

PUBLISHED: 7:16 PM 18 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 9:28 PM 18 Jul 2018

Lisa Page Busts FBI Brass, Clinton Emails Went To China

The testimony contradicts Strzok's.

In her testimony in front of the House, Lisa Page busted the brass of the FBI for hiding information concerning the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Joint House committee hearings concerning Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and their possible political bias that may have influenced the harassment of Donald Trump and his campaign has revealed interesting information.

During closed-door sessions in front of the house, she revealed reams of interesting information, much of it outing top FBI officials or accusing them of misconduct. Indeed, some of the information she provided suggests that there is an ongoing bureau-wide ‘criminal intelligence’ cover-up of the 33,000 missing emails from the Hillary Clinton server. It almost seems like Page is afraid of being the scapegoat left holding the bag, so she’s come clean before that can happen.

During questioning in front of the House, Lisa Page, who was involved in an affair with Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent Peter Strzok, tossed former director James Comey and deputy director Andrew McCabe, her former lover, Bill Priestap, and more under the bus, according to federal sources.

According to said sources, she claimed that the upper echelons of the FBI worked to conceal intelligence concerning Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 ‘missing’ emails, that were taken from her private email server.

Namely, those high-ranking officials hid the fact that they had intelligence confirming state-backed assets illegally acquired them.

According to well-placed FBI sources, that state, contrary to popular belief and the media narrative, was not Russia. It was, instead, another rival nation: China.

Of course, assuming that the account is true, it’s obvious why the entire investigation ended up scuttled so that Strzok and other members of the FBI could go on to harassing the Trump campaign and its members.

The fact that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails ended up on WikiLeaks due to her refusal to handle them properly is bad enough.

If it had come out, during the election season, that her emails were hacked by the Chinese Communist government, it could have easily been the stuff of dreams for the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign.

A story about a person, running for President of the United States, who was so ‘irresponsible’ that she allowed classified information to fall into the hands of the Chinese? The attack ads almost write themselves. However, some people suspect that it wasn’t an accident at all.

There’s a long, strange history of the Clinton family and cooperation with the Chinese government, of course.

FBI bosses, according to the federal source, knew that a public revelation of such an immense failure would be the end of the Clinton campaign (which somehow managed to lose anyway).

So, to protect the former FLOTUS and her chances of becoming president, they sat quiet, and didn’t investigate the hacking of her server, which explains why the Bureau and other intelligence agencies never inspected the server personally, instead relying on a group hired by the DNC.

Allegedly, they were made aware of fears that there had been improper access, and even the Inspector General informed none other than agent Strzok of that information.

In recent weeks, it seems that the Democrats have repeatedly attacked Republicans and libertarians for ‘doubting American intelligence’ organizations, portraying the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency as agencies that should be trusted, no matter what they say, and never questioned.

The truth is that both agencies have long histories of questionable behavior.

The FBI, formed by J. Edgar Hoover, targeted many political opponents, perhaps none more famously than Martin Luther King Jr. It was also involved in a number of ‘questionable’ actions and decisions.

The CIA’s history is not much better.

It’s a strange reversal for the Democrats, though, the idea that the FBI and CIA, and their ‘intelligence’ are beyond reproach or question. It certainly flies directly in the face of their statements during the Bush presidency, when they suggested that it was patriotic to question the government.

It seems that belief only applies when Republicans are in power.

If the FBI and its ‘higher echelons’ of leadership actually did hide information that shows China was the perpetrator of the hacking into Hillary Clinton’s email server, it would be one of the biggest scandals in the agency’s history.

It seems that Page’s testimony has been much more revealing than that offered by her former paramour, and that it may lead to an entirely new round of inquests and investigations into her former bosses’ conduct.

It’s important to wait for confirmation on such big stories. However, if these claims are true, they could very easily explain a lot of what happened in the FBI during the Clinton email investigation, including their outright refusal to try the former Democrat candidate for president.