PUBLISHED: 5:02 PM 5 Jan 2018

Lipstick Eyes Give Clue In “Most Bizarre” Case, Husband Arrested As Police Discover Plot

Sheriff Rick Staly discusses the intercepted plan to kill a pregnant woman which could have also harmed law enforcement.

Sheriff Rick Staly discusses the intercepted plan to kill a pregnant woman which could have also harmed law enforcement.

A Florida man completely lost it and devised a complicated plan to murder his pregnant soon-to-be ex-wife. Thirty-two-year-old Michael Scott Wilson of Palm Coast broke into his wife’s home and set up a booby-trap that would have had an “80-100% chance of” killing or severely injuring with electrocution whoever came in contact with it.

The couple had been happy together with their one child until a few months ago when Wilson had a fall and experienced an injury that changed his personality. In November, “he was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility under a Baker Act.” During which time, he was diagnosed with an illness which has not been released.

On December 6, Wilson’s wife filed for divorce but was pregnant with their second child. The couple separated and she purchased security cameras and a gun. Wilson was unfortunately persistent. He contacted his wife near the end of December and tried to repair the relationship. She was, however, in Tennessee with her family, but invited him to join them.

Michael Scott Wilson came dangerously close to murdering his wife and unborn child.

Wilson did not come through with his promise to improve. He “suddenly left without explanation a few days before Christmas” and began to harass her via text message, saying she had cheated on him. Fearing Wilson was acting dangerously, his wife reached back out to him, restored some common sense, and got him to return to the family gathering.

Although Wilson had claimed to have been in Ohio with his own family during his disappearance, his wife had some suspicions, as he had mentioned being in Florida, where her home is. Coincidentally, during the time he was gone, she received notifications from her security cameras that they had been disabled.

Wilson did not act sneaky whatsoever in an attempt to go through with the devious plot but instead began to insinuate that he knew where she kept her gun and wanted answers as to why she had installed cameras. At this point, she knew that Wilson had searched her home, however, his next confessions caused further concern.

Wilson exhibiting risky behavior, which later proved to be life-threatening.

He then began to tell her that her garage door was broken and that the only way into the house was to use the front door. Wilson added that she must take precaution to not let their daughter near the home when she entered; when the family began their trip home from Tennessee back to Florida on December 26, he began to insist that the child ride in her father’s car which would not be going directly to the house.

The woman was now sure that something dangerous was in place at her home, and called her mother and stepfather to take a look at the situation. When the parents arrived at the house, they immediately discovered “an object wedged behind the front door.” They went to the back of the home and could see that Wilson had drawn a pair of eyes and the word “Hi” on the glass door in lipstick.

Realizing the seriousness, they called authorities, who kicked the door in and made a horrifying discovery. Wilson had created a contraption which, if initiated properly would have almost absolutely killed his wife. On the back of the front door, Wilson attached electrical current wiring to the handle and the lock which required a key. The dangerous setup would have been fatal by creating a closed circuit when his wife, or anyone with a key, put it in the lock and touched the door handle at the same time. Such a connection would have caused the current to pass from one hand to the other, passing one amp and 120 volts through the heart, causing death. Being that she was pregnant, it had the capacity to take two lives.

The elaborate device Wilson almost killed someone with; though meant for his wife, it could have potentially harmed his daughter, his wife’s parents, or a police officer.

The ominous device thankfully did not harm the woman, either child, her parents, or law enforcement, as it was dismantled in time. Inside the home, however, Wilson had further planned for his wife’s arrival. He had written love notes for her and placed them throughout the home, along with photo albums, and an ultrasound photo of their unborn child. Police also discovered a stolen firearm, which belonged to Wilson’s stepfather.

Law enforcement finally found Wilson on December 28 in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, “attempted aggravated battery on a pregnant person and one count of” firearm theft. His bond was set at $150,000. He will be sent to the Flagler County jail after dealing with the meth changes in Tennessee. Authorities made one final discovery before they detained Wilson; he was apparently so convinced that his plan would work that he changed his Facebook relationship status to “widow.”

This case is undeniably unsettling for many reasons, but it, fortunately, had a happy ending in that no one was injured and the attempted murderer is now unable to harm others. Wilson is in obvious need of treatment for his mental conditions, which he will hopefully heal from during his incarceration time. His issues, however, may have saved the woman and her child’s life, in that because of his incapacities, Wilson did not have the wit to successfully commit the crime.

Wilson’s new home in Flagler County will be much harder to booby trap.