‘Watch Your A**’?

PUBLISHED: 10:08 PM 7 Feb 2019

Lip Reading Question: Did Rosen Tell Sinema To ‘Watch Your A**’

In what appears to be a friendly warning from one junior senator to another, social media is ablaze with whether or not Jacky Rosen told Kyrsten Sinema to watch out when clapping for Trump.

It certainly seems like she said it.

For most democrats, lining up against the president, regardless of the policy or issue, is a prerequisite.

But during the State of the Union Address on Tuesday, Kyrsten Sinema apparently didn’t get the memo, and stood clapping for Donald Trump as he listed some of his accomplishments.

While standing an applauding Donald Trump, video captured Jacky Rosen rise and speak to Sinema, but what she exactly said has become a question of debate.

It certainly appears as if Rosen says, “Watch your a**,’ but others have suggested she could be saying ‘great address.’

One commentator has argued that given their respective positions in the party, Rosen may not have had the impudence to say such a thing to her fellow lawmaker.

“Rosen’s not in the leadership, though. She doesn’t even outrank Sinema in seniority. She’s been a senator for all of 34 days, the same as Sinema has… If you add up their total tenure in Congress, in fact, Sinema is more senior than Rosen is. She served three terms in the House before joining the Senate. Rosen served one.”

Of course, perhaps Rosen was just being friendly and is terrified of the democrat dinosaurs like Pelosi and Schumer.

However, that is just speculation too.

It’s possible that Sinema, who barely pulled off a win in a highly red state (some suggest using nefarious processes), was simply clapping so she could score brownie points with her constituents back home.

She obviously went out of her way to stand out from the party by not joining in with her fellows and wearing white. And, she ran a centrist platform despite her highly progressive history.

Since on one is talking, there’s no way to find out for sure what Rosen said.